500 words, some explained, some not.

Initiative often needs to be mandated.

Joan is back.  My Wednesday helper Joan Dembinski is home from Italy. Her company on Wednesdays is priceless.

My mixer is back too.  We make dough for bread, pizza, crackers, and rye rolls. The mixer has been out for repair several weeks. Guess how we’ve been making dough. 

We don’t all have to do ramen. Do we?

Same people, same stuff, different year.

When I walk into a restaurant and I see the staff on their phones texting I get a good feeling. I’m led to believe since they have a lot of friends and are very sociable, I’ll get friendly and warm service.

Mehmet had a little lamb. I suspect he had more than Mary.

I say many things in a condescending way.

Servers should have sense, not scents.

Good food costs money. Good food well prepared by professionals costs even more money.

Capriccio Saratoga has a real wood-fired oven.  Sometimes places have gas ovens that look like wood fired ovens. Tossing a log into it does not make it a wood-fired oven, it makes it a gas-fired oven with a log in it.

Contrary to what many people believe, most restaurant owners are not “raking it in.”

When I’m cooking I (in my mind) refer to Jim Rua often. I also refer to Thomas Keller. They couldn’t be more different.

I’m working on a post about food cost, and the cost of food.  Wait and see.

I have some very good ideas, I just need help getting them off the ground.  We all need help with our ideas in one form or another.

The date of my foot surgery is February 18th. I will be back better than ever about six weeks after that.

I have absolutely no interest in soccer.

Ruby, one of my favorite servers at The Wine Bar has left for Oregon. I’m going to miss her. She understood my passion and put up with my shit.  Crystal understands too.

There’s a $26 hamburger in Saratoga.  There’s also a $1 burger in Saratoga.

Every once in a bit someone posts on Facebook that they’ve lost their phone. We never lost our phones when we kept them on a wire.

When the road you are on has people driving in the wrong direction, you’re on the wrong road. Find the road with people going the same way as you.  You’ll travel easier and get farther.

Ric Orlando and Jim Rua have been using kale since day one.

Now trending……………?

I remember having to special order “eating”  kale 12 years ago, or I’d get a box of hideous garnish.

Braised pheasant is not trending right now, but it is delicious and available at The Wine Bar

Be inspired by others, not influenced by others. Yes, there is a difference.

Asparagus, ramps, fava beans. I can’t wait.  Oh, the feeling of the warm Spring sun on my face and on my food.

If it’s not edible, leave it off the plate.