Winding Down to Wind Up

People say that it’s a shame that kids aren’t learning cursive writing anymore. Well, they also don’t learn to drive a horse and buggy either.

Yes, they’ll be able to read historical documents, like the Constitution. That’s why Al Gore invented the interwebs.

Hey, I’m a chef, not a grown up.

It can be irritating when chefs take themselves too seriously.  You can take your work seriously, but remember, it’s food, and not a matter of life and death.  We’re cooks,  not oncologists.

I have a self-destructive behaviors.  What sucks is knowing it and continuing.

Please stop calling plant-based food meat.  It isn’t, so call it what it is.  Chemically engineered crap.  Eat meat, or eat plants, but stop pretending one is the other.

If you’re not already on a bandwagon don’t fret, another will be coming by sooner than later.

The rabbit meatballs have been selling well, I’m glad.

I’m rereading my entire blog from the beginning.  I’m aware that blogs are not overly popular anymore and my readership numbers will back that up.  So, I’ve decided to start podcasting.  I have already done one test session and will get the first one out soon.  I also have some new video equipment and plan on doing the blog in front of the camera.  I am aware however that I have a look that’s more suited to podcasting, I think it will be fun to show you the man behind the keyboard, and the bourbon.

The podcasts will be discussions on issues in the restaurant industry with perspective from my kitchen experience and corresponding thoughts by long-time service professional Peter Burleigh.

The camera stuff will be just me drinking bourbon and making an ass of myself.  An honest, somewhat well-spoken ass. The more bourbon, the honester I’ll be.

I’ve been on the edge of success more than once only to piss it away.

My wife asked why I don’t show her the same affection as I do towards the dog.  Who knew she liked having her belly scratched?  Ooooooo who’s my good girl?

I’ve procured some goat through Old Saratoga Mercantile for a Moroccan goat curry next week.

I’m not joining in on the bargain food.   No 3 course meals for cheap, no catchy phrases like “Taco Tuesday” and I’m trying to get in on fads like avocado toasts and Keto shit. What I will do is make great Mediterranean based food from quality ingredients and sell it at a fair price.   Remember, You get what you pay for, so if you want discounted food go right ahead, it’s your body.  My question is, where do the ingredients that make up a $9.99 dinner come from?

What will bring them in?  Discounts?  What discounts say is “my food isn’t worth the price.”

Good food, good service, and consistency.

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to be one of the healthiest in the world.  It’s no fad.

It’s rotten when you pull food pictures off the Googles and resent them as your own.   Two reasons:  Someone worked hard to produce the food and the pictures, so only they’re entitled to those photos unless there is an agreed upon compensation.  Second, when you post photos of good-looking food and people visit you as a result you are participating in what’s called the bait and switch. If you don’t have that food, then you’ve misrepresented yourself.

I tend to have an obsessive personality.

It was a real mistake giving a 12-year-old chocolate lab 2 hot dogs and the leftover baked beans.


See you on the airwaves or the youtubes sooner than later.

Speaking of the youtubes, check this outDerryX Dines Again

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