Completely Random

In the age of social media most people assume they have more friends than the truly have.  I have many Facebook friends.  Facebook calls them friends, but people with their heads not up their own asses know that just because they’re referred to as friends, they’re not.

I have a small handful of people I call actual friends.  Several are either directly in the restaurant business, or friends because of the restaurant business.  Others are people I’ve known as far back as elementary school.

Many of my friends I can go months or years without speaking to, but they remain my friends and when given the opportunity to see them we usually make it happen.

I am bad, just so very bad at keeping in touch with people.

Hey “barista” with the hemp yarn knit hat: rather focus on your “art,” why not focus on not putting hot coffee into a cold mug, then taking five minutes to make a flower so that when I get my drink it’s lukewarm.

I was once told that speaking up about politics would result in my losing business.  The reality is that not speaking up could result in losing a lot more.

When I die, I just want to be thrown down a well.  A nice well.

Or I want to be buried made up as a clown, with full clown makeup and dress.

No shoes however, I cannot stand having my feet covered when I sleep.  Having them covered while I sleep for eternity would be the worst.

I posted three years ago that I wanted to start a book. I’ve worked on it on and off, but I want to pay attention to spending time on it regularly.  I have a basic outline, just gotta fill in the rest.

The book is animal characters who work at a restaurant and represent many of the people I’ve worked with over the years.

Think Animal Farm meets Kitchen Confidential.

Nachos done right are simply delectable.

One great thing about Amuse is that I’m not in a space where I’m paying $9000 per month and have 15 employees is that if it snows on a Friday night I can close without worrying about loss of business and close, ensuring that I’m not having my employees out in dangerous driving conditions.  Instead I’m home having dinner with my family and my coworkers are safe and warm.

Amuse is different on so many levels.

Plant-based proteins are pretty much silly.  I’m silly too.

Tuna nachos are not some culinary nirvana that needs to be held on to no matter what.

Of course, that explains some things

People have told me that I could get more seats in, or that I should be open more days.  These people have no idea what my goals and needs are, nor do they know what success means to me.

So, apparently, they’re no longer a Spanish restaurant.

I’m currently rewatching the entire M*A*S*H series.

Isn’t getting into cool, almost cold covers at the end of a long day one of the great pleasures in life?

Stella (9), has discovered video chatting with her friends. I fear this is the beginning of the loss of Tate’s (7) best friend.

Burger and a Beer, how inventive.

There’s sometimes a difference between house made and hand crafted.  I hand craft pasta; others make it in house.

My favorite table tonight was a young couple who had a bottle of wine and perhaps 5 small plates.  I could see them paying attention to each other throughout the meal, no phones, limited pauses in conversation, and eyes fixed on one another.  The attention paid to one by the other was genuine, and not lustful, but enjoyable and satisfying.  I imagined they didn’t have a lot to spend, and I was pleased that I could provide a great meal that brought such joy to these two young people and that I could be a part of their nice evening.  Perhaps my assessment was skewed by fantasy, but I don’t think so. Either way, their happiness gave me happiness.

All my tables were excellent in so many ways, and I appreciated all of them.

There was a lot of sharing tonight at tables.  Hooray.

6 thoughts on “Completely Random

  1. Re: Nachos. One can each black, pinto, kidney beans. 35oz. can Cento tomatoes. Lots of cumin. Romaine and Tostitos. Mexican oregano. Cilantro, sour cream, lime,
    cheese if you want it (wife likes it, I don’t find it necessary). You can thank me with that carrot soup recipe.


  2. MASH without a doubt one of the greatest series ever on TV…make sure you also watch the series finale which was I believe a movie entitled Goodbye, So Long, Farewell….it is VERY POWERFUL.


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