Get Along

Authenticity.  What does it even mean?

I do not make authentic dishes of any one cuisine or country of the Mediterranean region, but I am inspired by many cuisines and flavors of that region.  I use the spice profiles, the methods, and many of the ingredients used by the cultures that make up the area.

For every region in Mexico, for every neighborhood, and every household in fact there is a different way of making mole.  All are authentic.

My food is authentic.  Authentically mine and that’s all I claim.

Enough about that.

The number of restaurant consultants I’ve met since starting amuse on broadway is interesting.  The nice thing is that they’re willing to offer their advice and expertise at no charge and without prompting.

Imagine if all the consultants were customers.

To Hell with the NCAA.  The exist simply to maintain their own existence. That’s just a general “to Hell with,” nothing specific.

While I’m certainly aware of Italy’s contribution to Mediterranean cuisine, I have tried to avoid Italian food at amuse, sticking to North African and Eastern Mediterranean flavors, as well as a few inspirations from Spain.

If one more food critic uses the phrase “plenty of crusty bread for mopping up……..”  I’m going to increase my dislike for food critics.

It was Marco Pierre White who lamented about critics saying, “we’re being judged by those who know less than we do.”

Take money and religion out of the equation and I’m thinking we’ll have peace.

Let me now understand this. Trump kills an Iranian general, then Americans that have bald eagles with flags behind them as their profile pictures that have never served in the military and love the idea of “kicking ass” around the world post what they think are funny memes about our president assassinating another nation’s military leader.  That nation goes on high alert and started firing missiles at our military base in Iraq, and finally shot down a commercial jet that would have normally been free to fly to its destination.  Now, many families around the world, including our Canadian neighbors are without their dads, moms, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends…………

The memes just aren’t funny, but they do say how our population has become desensitized to war and its results.

The US has had a total of 16 years without military conflict in its history.

Not supporting the bombing of Iran does not mean I’m a Liberal, a Democrat, or a snowflake.  It does not mean I’m anti-American or that I sympathize with terrorists.  What it means is that I’m simply tired of our nation being at war in some form or another, I’m tired of our service men and women dying and being injured, I’m tired of innocent civilians in other countries being killed, and I’m certainly sick of wealthy people profiting from our aggressive and warring nature.

Who created terrorists?

When I was in middle school there was a kid who was not like most other kids, he seemed odd and kept to himself.  I was immature and  would sometimes poke him with teasing then fault him for his response.  As it turns out, the kid’s father used to smack him around. I eventually started eating lunch with him on occasion.  One day I forgot my lunch and he gave me a ham sandwich with brown mustard on oat bread.  I still remember the taste of that sandwich.

Usually understanding one another helps us get along.

Yet another reminder, bruschetta is not chopped tomatoes with garlic and basil.  Bruschetta is grilled or charred bread served warm typically with a rub of garlic, perhaps some olive oil.  Upon that toast can be one of hundreds of toppings, one of them could be chopped tomatoes with garlic and basil.  It could also be mushrooms, chicken liver mousse, eggplant, blue cheese with honey, goat cheese, ricotta, cured salmon, olives, egg salad, pesto, hummus, robiola with fig…..

I’m not sure my Moroccan themed Christmas dinner was received with great enthusiasm.

I don’t mind instant coffee that much.  I prefer good coffee, but I’m not that picky.

My proposed new food trend for 2020 is for people to stop following trends.

2 thoughts on “Get Along

  1. It’s a lack of money and an excess of religion that causes problems.

    If the sauce is good, it’s sad to have nothing to mop it up.

    I’m not picky about coffee, but instant coffee falls closer to the wrong side of the line. I drink good coffee black. Otherwise, it needs half and half.

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  2. I once had Moroccon-spiced roast turkey for Thanksgiving, cooked by a native in a tagine. Still remember the taste (like your sandwich). It was delicious! Have to make it up to Saratoga one of these nights.

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