Amused to Death

Amused to Death is a Roger Waters song.

I’m starting Amuse in early November.  My goal was a bit earlier, but some health concerns have slowed me down.  I reported in a previous post that I weaned off Lexapro, but that did not work favorably for me.  I felt myself falling back into a depression and quite frankly had a loss of interest.  Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve readjusted to a reasonable dose and am feeling a lot better.

Also, I have been feeling physically poor and developed inflamed, swollen lymph nodes which seemed to concern my doctor.  His first reaction was to send me for additional bloodwork and chest X-rays immediately, as in right now. The markers for cancer in my blood were elevated, so that got and held my attention.  Having lost both a brother (48) and a sister (43) as well as my Dad to cancer, I was both shaken and stirred.  Last Monday night, after another recent exam and round of bloodwork I had a CT scan due to continued inflammation (a good temporary excuse for my big belly) and tenderness in my abdomen. Just after 8 am on Tuesday my doctor called and let me know my scan was clean, and that the markers that were elevated previously were now down.  That was very good news given to me, and coincidentally it was on the birthdate of my late brother and sister who were twins.  Looks like I may live.

We’ll keep an eye on my lymph nodes, and if they become swollen again, one will be removed and looked at closer.

Depression addressed and controlled can be mitigated successfully.  Ignored or mismanaged, it can be destructive.

I still need to exercise and eat less, keep away from the Bourbon, and stay on my meds as my doctor has instructed me to.

I feel much improved and look to moving forward as planned.

Amuse will be provide a food-first experience in a casual, fun, and intimate atmosphere from Wednesday-Saturday.  A key feature of Amuse will be the 8-seat interactive chef’s counter that will allow guests to speak directly to the chef and see their plates prepared, plated, and presented.  There will also be 24 seats in a small dining room with a server’s station to openly and quickly serve the guests’ needs.  Also included will be a small lounge area with comfortable couches and chairs for a more casual experience where guests can enjoy a few small plates, a local cheese from our cheese cart, and a glass of carefully selected wine or craft beer.

I don’t understand a steak knife stuck into the top of a burger.

When you credit God for your accomplishments, you sell yourself short.

One thing that makes Amuse interesting is that it’s located in a shared space with Saratoga’s Broadway Deli.  From 8:00am-4:00pm, the Jewish-style deli serves great egg sandwiches, bagels, fantastic and fresh deli sandwiches, salads, and desserts along with the traditional Joe’s chips and Dr. Brown’s sodas.

There will be a constantly changing menu at Amuse that will evolve with the seasons and as products come into and out of availability. Changes will also follow the chef’s whims.  The first week’s menu is below.  The goal at Amuse is to be inspired by the many flavors of the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea, including special homage to the beautiful array of spice blends that not only make each cuisine unique, but also ties them together with a common thread of spices and herbs.

The past week has been busy.  Aside from my scan and working on Amuse, we had to prepare our kitchen and bathroom for flooring installers who came to lay porcelain tile.  We also had new appliances delivered Saturday morning, so we have no kitchen for a few days.  I’m glad it’s warm enough outside, so we can still use the grill.

Why do people lean oddly backwards when taking a photo?

If you alter a dish on a menu, you void the warranty.

Words that should not appear on a menu:  “Ask your server.”

The name Amuse came from two things.  First is the commitment to small plates.  While not true amuse bouche in size, the plates will be small, as the goal at Amuse is to provide guests with a sampling of dishes that showcase the region’s cuisine.  The second source of the name comes from the chef’s direct interaction with guests both at the counter and in the dining room in order to engage people in discussion about the food, its origins, history, and preparation.  Amuse will also be a place to share stories, recollections, and thoughts about restaurants and restaurant life.

The opening menu, and some photos of the food can be found at

A reservation system and business phone number are on the way, but in the meantime, we can be reached at for reservations, thoughts, and employment inquiries.

Shouldn’t your server tell you without asking?

If I need a steak knife with a burger, then it’s not a burger.

Like and stay tuned to Amuse’s Facebook page, and my page, Chef Dominic Colose for updates and a timeline.