Inn and Out Snippets

I was minding my own business, enjoying the summer with my children and working in my garden when I was summoned to The Inn at Erlowest to handle an emergency.

My plan was to open Amuse on Broadway on September 19th, but the call for help has pushed that back some, with a target date in late October.  See, the chef left on very short notice, the sous chef and line cook were set to depart only a week later.  That’s the whole kitchen.  The banquet kitchen is solid, and was intact, but is not capable of running the dining room kitchen as well due to the demands for their services.

Frank Dittrich, a partner at Erlowest, and its General Manager is a good guy, the kind of person that when in trouble, you drop some stuff to try and help.  So, my summer ended abruptly, and I found myself in the kitchen, often alone, keeping business going in the dining room.

I think a good life is a balance of pleasurable work, enjoyable play, and rest.  That’s my goal as I look to at turning 56 in December.

I worked for almost three weeks without a day off, often alone.  I put a menu in place that I could execute, and quite frankly would give me the opportunity to try some recipes and plates I have in mind for Amuse.

I really do not subscribe to the continued use of microgreens. Why are we growing food in order to decorate our food?  Besides, most cooks use them poorly.

I recently purchased 2 beautiful knives from JJ Faiola, who makes chef’s (and other) knives without the use of machinery.  They are hand-forged, hand-honed, and attached to gorgeous custom-made handles.  If you want something special, look him up on FB.

If you don’t know what FB is, you don’t deserve new knives.

If you order something like knives, or any hand-crafted item that takes significant time and labor, then renege on the deal for no other reason than you just don’t feel like purchasing the item, then that’s just dirty play at life.  Yes, someone did that to a fine bladesmith recently.  You may read this, and you know who you are.

Too many people are on too many meds.

American like more cheese, more bacon, extra sauce, a side of fries, and double meat, and no gluten.

Music that says 30 something, but a menu that says 60 something.

Can we not do zigzags on plates with squeeze bottles?

I will not be playing to the crowd.

Crayola crayons are superior to all others.

Why is it that a great line cook is like a trained Ninja  assassin in the kitchen, but can barely survive on the outside?

Not every sandwich needs tomato and lettuce.

Is pprayer saying God might have a flawed plan and you might know better? That’s up to you I suppose.

Not showing up for a scheduled interview makes employers not want commit time to interviews.  That ruins it for the people who care and want a job.

Large plates of food that cannot be finished in one sitting are obnoxious and wasteful.  If your criteria for choosing a restaurant is based on portion size, then Amuse may not be for you.

Watching people decide where to sit in a coffee shop can be entertaining.

While at Erlowest I checked in a late afternoon delivery from Driscoll Foods that was left on the truck from the morning delivery, when no one was there to check it in.  The drivers wear shirts that say Delivery Specialists.

I (and others) carefully explained to a Sysco rep that the lobsters we were ordering were for a dinner for a Make-a Wish sponsored dinner.  The little girl wanted lobster, and that this was the most important part of the order.  I (and others) were sure we had made it clear to her the significance of the lobsters.  The delivery came.  No lobsters.  She forgot.  Her remedy should have been “I’ll get in my car and pick up lobsters at Price Chopper (Hannaford, or wherever).” The reality was “I’ll see if I can get a van up there later today.”

Earlier in my tenure at Erlowest she asked me why I dislike Sysco so much.

3 thoughts on “Inn and Out Snippets

  1. Oh, I know what Facebook is. That’s why I refuse to use it. That’s why everyone should refuse to use it.

    Portion sizes: as a fit 175 pound man, as long as I don’t walk away needing a slice of pizza we’re good. Sadly, this has occurred after dropping some serious cash. I don’t need to be stuffed, merely contentedly satisfied.


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