Mental Health Progress Needs More Than Luck

I’m trying to move this blog to my facebook page, Chef Dominic Colose, but the response is pretty low.  Therefore, I’ll keep posting here until I can get enough readers to make the switch to either that location or to my website which is being completed.

Mental health is an important issue for me, as my long time blog readers know. I will always be dealing with my own demons and difficulties.
This past week Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts retired from professional football, citing that the rigors of rehabbing from constant injuries has taken a toll in him and he wasn’t able to do it any longer.
My take is that physically the man is superior, and gifted, so the mental and emotional aspects of life in the NFL were too much, so he took control of his mental well-being and decided to do what was best for him. For that, fans booed him as he left the field for the last time. That was such a selfish and appalling act. If Andrew Luck had become so distraught and committed suicide, the response would have been “why didn’t he say something?” Well, he did. Nice going sports fans, way to truly support your team and it’s players. It’s clear that sports fans do not see their heroes as people, but as ?
In my business, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse are big issues, with serious consequences. In just the past few years I have known or worked with at least 5 chefs and cooks that have committed suicide or died from drug overdoses.
If you’re in or near the game, realize that the people who entertain you with sports, television or cooking are human beings with real issues. We are not here solely here for your entertainment, and you will survive without us. Be gentle, be kind, and be caring. Most of all, be what humans should be.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Progress Needs More Than Luck

  1. As someone who’s niece passed away recently from an overdose, I applaud you on sharing your dealings with your own issues with us readers, I hope you continue along this path and can keep your demons away.


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