Trimming My Social Media

This is my next-to-Last post. My next post will detail my new project called Amuse on Broadway.  There are a few details to work out still, but you should be reading about it before week’s end.  This post, however, announces (for real this time) the end of chefsday in this form.  I will be eliminating the site, along with some other changes to make my life a little easier.

I’m making the changes in order to streamline my social media which will save myself some time, give more access to information about what I’m up to as a chef, and encourage me to create shorter and more culinarily focused blog posts several times per week.

I am creating a new Facebook page, Chef Dominic Colose that will encompass all I do as a professional chef including Amuse on Broadway, a Mediterranean focused chef’s counter and dining lounge (opening September 19th), The Yawning Duck Culinary Services catering and consulting, Chefs 4 Chefs, a BOH support system of mentoring, intervention, and fund raising, and finally chefsday, this blog about the daily life of a chef.

The Yawning Duck and the Chefs 4 Chefs pages will be coming down, and all content related to those two entities will be found on the new page along with what’s happening at Amuse. I am also considering removing (at least for a trial period) my personal FB page as it’s a time-suck, and a hotbed of silly and uninformed political rhetoric that I too easily get caught up in.  I’ll certainly keep my Instagram to promote my work and I’ll check out some other social media platforms.  The bottom line is, I want to focus on my work, and its promotion.

I really don’t believe that most people are interested that I’m watching TV and eating popcorn, or that I’m at the movies, or just checked in to Hoffman car wash. My personal life is mostly dull, and while I’m proud of my kids, I know that almost all parents are proud of their kids.  I love Piper the dog that lives at our house, and she’s adorable, but she’s a dog.  We’ve all seen dogs and cats.   They also don’t care that I dislike Trump, and that I like funny religious memes since I’m an atheist.  I’ll leave all the political bickering, fun-making, and ranting to everyone else.  Let’s make the internet fun again.

I will be eliminating chefsday on My posts will be on my new FB page, and on my developing website only.  I will try to write almost every day, kind of as a diary of my life as a chef. I will have shorter posts with more focus on my current culinary activities, thoughts, and general food and restaurant related goings on.  I’ve always tried to write a minimum of 500 words, but typically compile 800-1000.  Not novel worthy, but long enough to make an evening project out of it.  I want to reduce to 250 or so and be more in-the-moment.

Not only will it be easier for my, it will make it easier for you to catch up on what this recovering depressive chef is up to, what I’m planning, and what’s happening at Amuse, which will have limited seating, a new menu every two weeks.

I hope you like it as I think you will.  My rebuilt website will be up soon, so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, follow Chef Dominic Colose on Facebook, and feel free to send me a friend request as well.