Nail Polish Snippets

The kids have gone to bed, and like most Sunday nights Jenn does her nails for the week at the dining room table.  I generally sit with her and write.

People love other people’s problems.

They also love to let them know what they ought to do.

If you’re an owner thinking of becoming an owner as I am be sure you’re willing to do any job in the restaurant, if you are not then reconsider your role as an owner.

When you make a dish with arborio or caronoli rice you have not necessarily made risotto, you have made a rice dish that may or may not be risotto based on technique and presentation.

If you don’t like being pointed at, don’t spend your time pointing fingers, unless you’re giving pointing in the mirror equal time.

Carpaccio is not about the thin cut of swordfish, mushrooms, or melon, it’s about the color of the beef. A little culinary license will allow other red meats, and perhaps even beets, but cutting anything thinly does not make it carpaccio.

While I enjoy sabbatical this summer, I’m going to work on my weaknesses in the kitchen.  While I think my plates have looked pretty good most of the time, I think I need to work on new techniques and some modern looks.  Study and practice, study and practice.  My planning on specific uses for leftovers and unused items needs to be a bit sharper.  For instance, my pasta doughs usually use a 2-1 yolk to white ratio, so I know I’ll have an excess of egg whites consistently.  Typically, I’d keep them in the freezer thinking I could use them for something in the future, but I need to plan to use them when I have them to ensure they get used.  I’m going to be a small operation and I’ll need to be efficient.

It appears mac and cheese with a bunch of shit in it is here to stay.

I Hate loaded fries, make good fries in good fat and you don’t need to cover them with cheese, bacon, chili, pulled pork and all the other crap people are covering them with.  This goes for burgers, and other foods too.

I think over-garnished cocktails are silly.  This seems to happen with the often incorrectly made Bloody Mary.  What I want is a properly make drink, correct proportions, and in the proper glass.  I don’t want a skewered shrimp, or strip of bacon.  Nothing that makes the cocktail difficult to drink.

Happiness isn’t in what you believe, it’s in who you believe.

I like useful décor.

Uniforms and appearances are not always an indicator of quality and excellence.  I was reminded of this last was at Jennifer’s old lady softball game and remarked to her about her team’s nice uniforms.  They didn’t have uniforms; I was just communicating in my sarcastic douche bag kind of way.  At least I’m self-aware.  Anyway, the other team had uniforms, looked good, and lost.

The first time I recall being faced with the reality that uniforms and appearances may lead you to believe that a group is superior but may not perform up to your level is in 1986 when our Siena College team arrived for a dual meet against Princeton in rented vans wearing low-budget mismatched warm-ups.  They were 12th in the nation the previous season, coached by Larry Ellis, the U.S. Olympic coach, wore beautiful Nike warm-ups, and had a nice touring bus.  The pre-race pep talk referred to the appearances of both teams and how that had nothing to do with our ability to win.  We won.  This story has a lot to do with the restaurant world.

Time to watch Fleabag.