Sandwiches, Sombreros, Sacrifice, Snacks, Sales, and Saws

The sandwich density principle is too often violated.  Why on Earth would you put tuna salad on a bagel?  Remember folks, the pressure required to bite through the bread should not exceed the pressure needed to displace the sandwich filling.

If your burger bun cannot hold up to the burger you create, rethink your burger bun.

Is it me, or has PYX 106 playing the same 100 songs for the last 30 years?

Adding Jameson whiskey or Bailey’s Irish Cream to a recipe does not make it Irish food, nor does cooking it in or with Guinness.  We seem to have a cultural insensitivity when it comes to food and cooking.  There’s no such thing as Irish nachos or Italian tacos, Buddha is not a brand name, chopsticks are not hair accessories, and pretending to celebrate someone else’s culture or holiday by getting drunk and wearing stupid looking shamrock hats or sombreros is not cool, you look like an idiot.

Using ingredients from other cuisines and learning to cook the dishes from other cultures is ok. Adapting recipes to suit your needs based on the products available to you or altered to the tastes of your personal taste is fine. Being inspired by cuisines of the world is a great idea, and can be enlightening, but too often companies, restaurants, or individuals make a mockery or misrepresent the foods that are an important part of an ethnic group’s culture or a religious group’s belief system.

Cook from the world respectfully, joyfully, and playfully.

Authentic is overrated.

Is a man who takes action because he wants his children to have a better life to be commended?  He does something that isn’t overly harmful to anyone, but it may take a spot at a major university deserved by another applicant who will likely go on to another college and do well in life.  Writing a big check is a sacrifice, and apparently common in the wealthy community where such sacrifice is necessary in order to give your offspring a better chance in life.

Some mothers walk 1000 miles with their children through harsh conditions in order to give them a better life.  Our nation, based on Christian principles would like to make sure that these people of zero means get in legally, like those Christian folks that founded the US did.

My college roommate, his father, and two of his brothers walked for 52 days out of Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge took over

I’m at the Honda dealership as I write most of this.  There’s a mother and a chubby kid waiting, she has allowed him to have a complemtary can of Coke, a bag of Cheez-Its, a hot chocolate, a bag of Goldfish, a pack of Lorna Doone cookies, and for health reasons a pack of fruit snacks.  None of my business.  The furious crinkling of bags, the chewing and the slurping has become my business.  His mother should also turn her cellphone ringer down so everyone in the place does not need to be made aware of everyone of her many text messages.  She complains every time she gets one, but texts back every time, and of course she has her setting just so that each key press is audible to all. I do not belong in public.

Still off booze, I’ve been feeling good for the past few days.  I’m think I’m over that first hump.  Now to convince myself every day that I’m better off.

I really wanted a beer, or six with my corned beef dinner on Sunday.

While I’ve been sitting here at Saratoga Honda, I have seen almost everyone else waiting be visited by a “service consultant” who explains that they need something more than what they came on for.  My consultant, when explaining to me that there is a nail in the tire (I knew there was), expressed his uneasiness with only replacing the one tire vs. all of them since they prefer the tires match in wear level.  My question was “do you prefer for any safety reason or do you prefer $600 to $150?”  He said the one tire change would be fine.

So far, this is Chef’s day.

The car is ready.

I’m off on Wednesdays so I’m going to buy a new table saw and hang out in my garage/workshop with no one but my thoughts and Piper the dog that lives at our house.



7 thoughts on “Sandwiches, Sombreros, Sacrifice, Snacks, Sales, and Saws

  1. I’ve lately been enjoying non-alcoholic German lagers, but I’d rather drink something made closer to home. I just found Athletic Brewing in Connecticut—a craft brewer of only NA beers. 12 packs are shipped free and I have my first 18 (3 styles) on the way now. The NA German lagers aren’t the same as their alcohol containing stablemates, but they’re really tasty and refreshing. A smart man once said “Authenticity is overrated.” 😝🍻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is your best ever. I was engaged from the get go. With discipline, you could start out as our AB. You have the personality to bring ALBANY into the 21st century

    Lisa Nan


  3. “Our nation, based on Christian principles would like to make sure that these people of zero means get in legally, like those Christian folks that founded the US did.” BINGO!


  4. The department of don’t knock it till you’ve tried it: tuna on an onion bagel is one of my favorites(next to potato chips on a tuna sandwich)!
    I don’t envy your wait at the car dealer at all.


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