Sober Snippets

Some stuff I wrote down over the past week.

People believe it, just not enough to live it. They want the reward, not the sacrifice.

When you post on social media, you get to choose how you’re presented. Present well.

As a restaurant server, keep in mind that 99% of the customers did not come in to see you, visit with you, hear you, or smell you.  They may have come in because of you and the job you do, but still not to see you.

People can over-think things, but I find that most people under-think things.

The no drinking thing is going well except for some side effects.  Alcohol withdrawal makes you feel like shit, but I know it will pass and I’ll be better off for it.  Also, now that I’m not consuming a few quarts of beer and a couple Bourbons nightly my Lexapro is having more of an effect on my brain.  Good? No, my dose of 20mg considered that I drank every night and now is the only drug in my head, so it’s having quite the effect.

You can’t imagine the excuses young folks make when they let you know they cannot work on Saturday.

I slept in today is not a valid excuse for missing your 2 pm work time.

Headaches, nausea, body aches, and feeling dopey and tired due to too much anti-depressant are not fun, but I do get to work every day and do my job.  I also get two elementary children off to school every morning, and my handicapped daughter ready for the day and off to her day program.  No, I’m not Superman, or am I greater than anyone else.  I simply know that what you do in life is get up and do what is required of you.

At some point it’s time to throw your 20-something couch potato out.  Potatoes smell when they rot.

“I couldn’t get to work today because I didn’t have money for gas until my mom got home.”  Funny, you had enough money to buy a bag of weed.

10 mg is the new dose, Doc said it was ok.  So, follow my advice, 10 mg and a glass of water, makes you feel the same as 20 mg and a 40 oz Olde English Ale.  Keep in mind that I’m not a doctor and have no license to dispense medical advice.

A picture really can paint 1000 words, a shitty picture on your Instagram tells me a lot.  A great picture also tells me a lot.  What do you want to tell people?

In my experience with the illegal population, albeit a small sample size, they’re too afraid to seek medical attention, free or otherwise. No, they’re not here for the free medical care either.

Go to conservative and right-wing patriotic sites on Facebook and read what people are writing.

I hate kayaks.

No, God did not send Trump to save America and stop thanking Jesus.

I love those quotes of inspiration and motivation people post on social media thinking somehow it will change lives.  Some of my favorites:

“Forget to turn the dish machine off again and you can’t work here anymore.”   “If you’re bored, I’ll find you something to do, but It may not be pleasant.”  “Great, enjoy the concert, I hope your new employer is more understanding.”  “You’re right, eight hours is a long shift, I’ll be sure to cut your hours, so you don’t have to complain so much.”

Not everyone can use Google Docs, and similar apps that allow people to work on documents together but from different locations and at different times. The fact that people refuse to learn something new make my life more difficult.

I’m trying to go paperless in my work, and I get it, having a paper in your hand can be more comforting, but my mimeograph machine is broken, so read your emails, and print the document out if you like, it’s 2019, I don’t take I’m not good at computers as an excuse anymore.  Besides, you’re all on your phones all the time anyway, make actual use of them.

Keep up or move aside.

Corned beef on Sunday or something Irish?

St Patrick’s Day, as I understand it is the #1 day (weekend) for beer sales for Saratoga bars.  Gonna be a shit show once again.  Can’t you people drink alone in your own homes like a respectful drunks?

At least when I drink and act like an asshole I’m around people who will forgive me.  Smart, right?

Thank you to all of you that emailed me and sent messages of encouragement and gave me direction to finding a good therapist.  Your caring means a lot to me and I won’t forget you in my will when I’m dividing up my extensive holdings.

I lied about the will and extensive holdings, but you have my gratitude.

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