Snippets in Waiting

As I wait during auto service I’ll share some thoughts.

I was working happily in the kitchen when I was informed that two gentlemen from Sysco were in to see me.  I knew that their day was about to take a turn for the worse, and mine was about to be interrupted needlessly.  I went out to say hello, and cordially explained that I was not a fan of Sysco and had no intention of ever using them.  The guy who did the talking was the District Manager, and he explained that Sysco was on a mission to right their ship, correct the mistakes of the past, and create a new partnership with chefs.  I commended him on the well-rehearsed corporate speech, and that he had delivered it as well as any of them that I’ve been hearing for the past twenty years.  Same speech, different delivery system.  Sysco is Sysco, and they’re not going to change their level of service.

See kids doing something they’re not supposed to be doing, you ask them to stop and they deny doing it even though you just saw them doing it.  Kind of like Robert Kraft.

When they’re fighting with each other, told to stop then both turn on you.

Servers eating and using their cell phones in view of patrons

About 10% of American adults have a food allergy, almost 20% claim to have one. That’s not a problem for the people who do have an allergy?

About 50 million Americans receive government assistance, a little over 20 percent of the citizen population.  Non-citizens do not qualify for public assistance.

In my experience with the illegal population, albeit a small sample size, they’re too afraid to seek medical attention, free or otherwise. No, they’re not here for the free medical care either.

The Mormon Church is worth about 40 billion and collects about 8 billion in tithing annually. The Church of Jesus Christ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 35 Billion.  The Catholic Church in the US alone, about 30 Billion.  These tax-exempt organizations based on a mythical figure, not immigrants, are the free-loaders.

An awful lot of our elected officials are free-loaders.  I do agree with Trump on one point, we need term limits to get the career criminals politicians out of what they have been calling public service.

Kenneth Copeland is worth 760 Million.

I think is the same tactic used by the Third Reich to rally the uninformed working class to support Hitler and the eventual war against the Allies is being used now.  Just as the Jews were not the root of Germany’s problems in the 1930’s neither are the US’s problems caused by illegal immigrants.

Call it bruschetta, it will sell just ok.  Call it toast and you can build a business on it. Europe has been serving stuff on toast for a lotta years.

Now I’m waiting to meet a friend for a liquid lunch, more thoughts…………

Remember when the grocery bags were at the end of the checkout lane?  Some years ago, they were moved behind the cashier when scanning was in full swing so the cashier could scan and bag at the same time. Why then do they scan all the items then bag all the items? I’d love t bag but there generally aren’t bags where I can access them.

Many of them don’t even think they’re criminals, they somehow justify getting wealthy while in office.

The Spring menu is coming along nicely.

Two people walk into a bar, take seats 2 and 3, leaving the first seat against the wall practically useless.

I was just reminded not to judge a book by it’s cover.

Someone recently said they’re sick of eggs on everything.  Bullshit, eggs are delicious on things and should be on everything.

Apparently, Cat Cora is some sort of entitled brat.

Two more people walk into a bar and take seats 5 and 6.  Now you have four people using six seats.

During service I intentionally ask very specific yes or no questions to the waitstaff since all the information I need is contained in either the yes or the no.  Why then over my years of service do I generally get a long-winded answer filled with irrelevant information and defensive lingo?  Other times I’ll say, “what specifically do you need?”  Unfortunately, the answer rarely tells me what they need.

Overheard as I’m writing:  “What do you do?”  “I’m a chef at 99.”

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