Guess Who’s Back?

Back again.

It’s me, Mr. Wishy Washy.  When I stopped writing several months ago, I thought I had nothing left to say on this blog, in fact, I thought blogging was getting tiresome.  The fact of the matter is that I was spreading myself too thin and it was easiest to give up writing.  I often make rash decisions, and I sometimes don’t consider all the possibilities before I make decisions.

Well, I’ve cut my work schedule down to four days and have turned down several outside catering gigs lately to have more time at home for family and fun projects like writing.

I’ve also met with a social media/web specialist so I can get my website, my blogs, and Facebook pages under one umbrella.  One of the issues I faced and led to the decision in part to quit chefsday was that my work was too scattered.  Being more organized in my web presence may help. We’ll see.

I think almost everybody makes decisions like I do, or at least has a similar thought process like I do.  I just happen to do my thinking out loud and in public, so perhaps I seem like I can’t make up my mind.  I don’t know, it’s hard to determine.  I guess I cannot commit to a reason why I appear to be all over the road.




To get back into the swing of things, let’s do some snippets.

Her self-serving style, her “look at me” kind of prose has no place in our culinary panorama.  I think she’s of little to no value to the local restaurant scene and writes and reviews with a vindictive tone that should preclude her from judging the work of others. I know without question that her food and restaurant knowledge is lacking.

Once you accept you are being judged by people who have less knowledge than yourself, then what’s it worth?  Marco Pierre White

She may be nice otherwise, but having a hack review our work just isn’t fair play. The TU should be better than that.

Chowderfest was a wreck again this year.  Someone argued with me about my criticism.  He said people could go earlier and stick to quiet venues like the City Center and places on the outskirts.  Why? Is it fair that because places start serving alcohol at 8:30 am (Farmer’s Hardware had a pre-party with drink specials) and idiots don’t know how to act in public when they get a couple of drinks into their feeble brains that families cannot enjoy all the venues offering chowder? Why should they be the ones to have to be selective?  Let’s load the drunks into one venue and let those interested in a community event have the run of the city.

St Patrick’s day will be here soon enough.

Most of the Mexican workers have been chased out of Saratoga, leaving a serious lack of decent line cooks, prep cooks, and dishwashers.

Saratoga has 4 Mexican restaurants, and celebrates Cinco de Mayo (not a real holiday) with full gusto.

My former employers, the owners of Chez Nous in Schenectady have decided to close their doors.  What I like about their closing announcement was their honesty.  They flatly said we simply aren’t doing enough business and the place is losing money. They gave it a shot, on their own, with their own funds, and that’s worth something.  It’s also far more than most people accomplish.

Most place who decide to call it quits make up a story rather than admit a failed business.

The Braeburn Tavern on Broadway in Saratoga is for sale after a short stint.  I recall a lackluster meal there while being the only table.  Apparently, they’re leaving the location to “focus on another project.”

My son no longer likes baloney. He forgot to tell me after I put it in his lunch.

Did you see this in the Times Union?

I’ve been using CBD oil for about a month now, I’m feeling a little less anxious, and my focus and thoughts are clearer.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of cooking a large meal for the staff at Yono’s/dp for their annual staff party.  What a great gesture and show of appreciation for their staff, and what a great time I had working in their kitchen.  Thank you.

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training on Wednesday.

A lot of people have no understanding what happens in a restaurant before the door is open for service, nor do they understand the number of moving parts involved.

I get road rage in the grocery store.

Good to be back.

3 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back?

  1. I had a conversation on Sunday with a manager at a certain convenience store downtown which offers free use of its restrooms. She said the bad drunks started to come in around 4 pm, when Chowderfest concluded, and continued till 10 pm. (Makes sense because restaurants would have allowed strollers to use their restrooms while the fest was going on.) Most were very young, estimated average age 21.

    There were lots of police this year (state police and sheriff as well as local) and I did not see people strolling the streets with cans or glasses. I think this, like St. Patrick’s Day, is one of those occasions when people just decide it’s a good idea to drive to Saratoga and get shit faced. As someone who actually wants to taste chowders, my strategy is to be done by noon. If you are a restaurant that wants to stay open and serve, you are at their mercy.

    Also, welcome back! Glad to find your URL was saved in my app history.


  2. Here you are and there you have it! Mexicans, who use more chilies than any other cuisine on the planet (this is enough for me in itself), have my sincere respect. They have too long be looked upon as a country of people to be used. Our governmental polices reflect that all too painfully. They are hardworking humble people who have known strife for millennia.


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