Some People

I’ve been a bit lax in my posting.  The summer season is in full swing and going well.  The kitchen is performing well as is the service staff, it’s busier than I ever remember it to be.

I had a post ready to go, but my son dropped my laptop before I could transfer it from Word to my blog.  He’s lucky I love him.

We tried something new this season.  We limited Open Table reservations to parties of a maximum of six.  Service is far easier and we’re doing more numbers.  I think we’ve got something there.  When someone calls for a party over six we ask for a credit card to hold the table.

Some people don’t care if they leave you sitting there empty with a table set for ten.  What large groups do is make reservations at a few places in town and decide while they’re together at the race course where they want to go.  Too often they just don’t show up for the reservations they failed to keep, leaving restaurants with a table of ten set up, and having to turn away business they would have otherwise had. Yes, people, unlike dogs can be assholes.

We have also started taking credit cards to hold tables over six.  People who intend on showing up have no problem with that.

Tomorrow does not exist, and you cannot prove me wrong.

Some people are just plain weird.

Some people don’t know that slower traffic should keep right.  Most of those people drive a Prius.

Some people just learn the food, and fail to learn the history and culture behind it.  then it’s just food.

Authentic is overrated.  If we continue to insist that things remain authentic then nothing will never be improved.

I couldn’t tell you how many authentic recipes for pasta with Bolognese there are.

Some people complain when they had a gift certificate to a restaurant that closed.  Typically they got it as a gift from someone who couldn’t be bothered to actually put some thought into a present, or they won it.  Either way they have almost no investment in it.  With the high failure rate of restaurants why would you expect a gift certificate to be a guarantee

Some people must be forced to take initiative.

Someone ordered their lamb sloppy Joes medium rare.  I overcooked them a bit.

What’s said during service should stay there.

Some people do not lock the bathroom.

This past Friday morning I was making a traditional Bolognese for a weekend dinner special.  While browning the meat I walked out to check the reservations for the evening and I noticed that my dear friends had made a reservation.  Since I know how they loved my Bolognese with fresh pasta I returned to the kitchen and proceeded to cook with an extra special sense of pleasure.

This vaping thing is gone from an alternative to smoking cigarettes to a silly and useless fad.  My station at work looks directly out the back door of the restaurant onto a small porch.  On Friday night I watched the restaurant staff go in and out of that door repeatedly.  Some of them more than 6-8 times per hour.  I’ve decided that a revolving door should be put in place of the current door and the spinning door could be used to generate electricity, potentially saving thousands of dollars on energy bills.

Some people don’t speak enough.

Some people speak too much.

I don’t trust either one.

I make it my business to know who’s in the dining room.  I know who’s coming in, what time they’re coming, and what table they’ll have.  I like to know when they’re seated, and I like to know who their server is.  I cannot possibly know everyone, but I try to know as much as possible.

Table was upset because we sat a nine-top near them on a Saturday night in August. They demanded we not seat them until they were done with their dinner.  F-them.  The table of nine was far more civilized than that table of four. Summer in Saratoga.

Some people’s group of friends change with their place of employment.  What they have are fellow employees who hang out and drink together after work, not friends.

There are exceptions to every rule.

Some people tailgate me even though I drive reasonably over the speed limit.  That typically causes me to drive unreasonably under the speed limit.

Christian Atheists are interesting.

I have been doing work on my novel.  I expect to move quicker in the fall.  Incase you don’t know, it’s about two competing restaurants in a town much like Saratoga.  All the characters are based on people I have worked with, worked for, vendors, customers, and the various oddballs one comes across in my line of work.  Everyone will be depicted as an animal. There are a lot of moles and rats.  Too many to include.

8 thoughts on “Some People

  1. Really enjoyed this post! Love reading your insights into the Saratoga back of the house world, I think it will help me be a more respectful restaurant patron.

    Can’t believe the audacity of some people, it’s so simple to cancel an open table reservation on the ap doesn’t take more than 5 seconds!

    Liked by 1 person

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