Dave’s Weekend Snippets

There’s one thing about Dave Mathews that I dislike more than his overrated music.  Dave Mathews fans.  Not people who like Dave Matthews’ music, but those that refer to him simply as Dave.

The other thing that has annoyed me about the weekend that he’s in town is that every young person that works in the restaurant industry seems like they’re entitled to have Dave weekend off, like it’s a constitutional right.

My sous chef had last night off, but he earned it.  While I was prepping the kitchen yesterday I was suddenly among three young ladies I had never seen.  They were working diligently at their hosting positions preparing to open for the day.  I had to walk outside and look at the sign on the building to make sure I was in the right restaurant.

These ladies must have been there Friday night since they had the appearance of knowing what to do.  I was certainly scheduled to work but was called away with a family crisis before service started and therefore missed the fact that there were new people there covering for those who were not missing Dave.

Apparently, Mr. Matthews had coffee in Saratoga which was big news.  To some.  The local news covered it.  I’d bet Dave has coffee in every town he visits.

Celebrities really do enrich your life. Human or otherwise.

There was a rally to lure Justify to Saratoga to run The Travers.  Here’s my question.  It’s rumored that the horse has some sort of ankle ailment.  So, do you not know, or do you not care?  If you don’t know then why is it so important that this horse come?  If you don’t care, then shame on you.

People really are interested in another person’s business.  Is my business more interesting than yours?

If you let political affiliation or one news network form your opinions, then they’re not truly opinions, are they?

Our calamari dish is inspired by a Spanish pork and sausage dish called caldo Gallego.  It has calamari, gigante beans, Swiss chard, tomato-coriander broth, and chorizo.  The menu says as much.  I’m wondering if the guy who ordered it then refused it because it had chorizo would be upset if it showed up on his bill.  I told you what it was, delivered exactly what I said it was, and certainly feel you should pay for it.  Of course, we’re in the hospitality business so we just eat the cost of it.  It is a common enough occurrence that people don’t read the menu then are surprised by what comes to their table.  I cannot imagine any of them expect to pay for the item.

Most people have good days and bad days.  Chefs seem to cycle more frequently.  We have good hours and bad hours.

This weekend my friend opened Saratoga’s Broadway Deli.  A Jewish style deli downtown has been missing.  A reasonably priced sandwich has also been hard to come by.  No more.

Piper the chocolate lab that lives at our house does not leave my side when I’m home.

The streets and sidewalks of Saratoga are crowded.  People don’t seem to understand that there are other people trying to move about the town.  When there are four of you who run into four others that you know, please move of to the side to reminisce rather than blocking the walkway.

Yes, I know I’m preaching to the choir.

Sunday is pizza night at our house.  Tate asks for sausage every week then systematically picks it off.

I’m putting the over/under for horse deaths during this year’s meet at 14.

People are always surprised and appalled when horse meat is found in fast food burgers.  What do people think are in hamburgers that cost 99 cents?

It was a real pleasure to see some long-time customers last night.

I noticed yesterday that there don’t seem to be many people eating at Burger-Fi on Broadway.

No, celebrities rarely enrich your life.

The Red Sox won again today.

The Yankees lost.

I mentioned that Friday I was called away to deal with a family crisis.  Nothing to worry about, all is well.  I did learn that my kitchen team of Xavier, Sam, and Ryan were solid that night and performed at a professional level.  They’re all very to learning and doing things the right way.  This is much better than the crew I inherited when I returned to WB.  I’m guessing this is common.  Trying to get an existing crew to see things from your perspective is difficult, especially when the existing sous chefs feel they should have been promoted.  Gino was off that night, but also fits into our team well and is a pleasure to have in my kitchen for the summer.

The track opens next Friday.  The reservations are heavy.  We’re ready.

5 thoughts on “Dave’s Weekend Snippets

  1. I get that you’re not a fan of the crowds that descend upon Saratoga during track season, and for good reason. But, do keep in mind that without the track, and the moneyed people it attracts, Saratoga would not be Saratoga.

    In my opinion, it’s worth putting up with that craziness six weeks a year, so us locals can enjoy Saratoga the remaining 46.


  2. People are also surprised and appalled at how much the rest of the world consumes and enjoys horse meat – I ate an excellent horse meat steak in the center of Rome several years ago. I’m with you on the over/under – generally, it seems about two a week are run to death.


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