A New Menu Of Snippets

I launched my 19th menu at The Wine Bar this past Friday.  Aside from the tremendous task of prepping a full menu there’s a great deal of effort put forth by a lot of people in the restaurant to pull of a successful menu change.  Servers learn the new items from a guide I prepare a couple of weeks in advance, someone spends a lot of time formatting and making sure the final printed copy has no errors with the help of several proof-readers.  Another person is responsible for inputting the new menu and pricing into the POS system.  It’s really is a full team effort and I’m thankful for all the help from both my kitchen staff and everyone else for the hard work and for putting up with me while I demonstrate my stress level on the days leading up to the presentation of our summer offerings.

I’m also grateful to the ownership for allowing me to be a chef and cook as I know how to.  I’m convinced it makes a difference in the food and I think our clientele can tell the difference between a chef-driven menu and a menu created without passion based on old standbys and trends.  This is true for other good restaurants.

I recently read that quinoa is on its way out and farro is next in line.

Every restaurant should be required to have a poke bowl.

A juice, smoothie and avocado bar coming to Saratoga. Oye vey.

Remember the cupcake trend?

Some Saratoga restaurants don’t change their menu for the summer. Just the prices.

I was reading an on-line review for another restaurant when the line “a bit pricey but worth every penny” caused me to ask the writer (who was available for conversation in my head) if it’s worth the price, is it really pricey?

I recently ordered takeout from the Falafel Den in Saratoga.  I’m not sure if there was less sense of urgency or less flavor in the food.

I recently overheard a server explaining that he can’t work Sundays because he has a boat.

The woman in line before me was discussing with the cashier how Velveeta shells and cheese with bacon and hot dogs was her favorite meal.

Out for a beer recently and the bartender asked me what kind of flavor profile I liked.  I said beer. Oh, the eye roll and look of derision on his face.

I like my beer beer flavored and my coffee coffee flavored.  Anything else is something else.

My sous chef has a knack of calmly stepping in to address server inquiries at a time when such inquiries cause me anguish.

He also steals my towels an awful lot.

I do admit to being unreasonable at times due to my unreasonably high expectations of the other humans in most situations.

Some arrive and leave like thieves in the night.

I wasn’t particularly happy with my crazy doctor.  He was ok, and I’m sure he helped me, but I just couldn’t seem to make a connection.  I called a new shrink who never called back.

I recently tried to help someone improve their life with opportunity, patience, teaching, and decent tools to work with.  Then I got shit on.  It’s all good, I have a great kitchen and have unloaded my life of the stress of trying to make you better. Thank you.

There’s a big difference between you must and you ought to.

tailgaters make me slow down, for safety’s sake.

When a sales rep from a vendor that I don’t use pops into the restaurant unannounced I tell them they have 30 seconds to tell me why I should give them 5 more minutes. Very few stay for more than a half-minute.

Cell phones are a major distraction in the workplace.

False news and propaganda is spread by both sides of the political spectrum.  I simply don’t trust anyone with a staunch ideology one way or the other.  If your inflexible and fail to consider alternatives to your way of thinking, then you’re as bad as the opposite pole. It’s also brain lazy to take the same basic position in every situation.

People often assume that my statements about situations are opinions rather than statements of what was observed.  Sometimes I’m not like a news report on cable TV, sometimes I’m just reporting what happened.

They sell us water.


6 thoughts on “A New Menu Of Snippets

  1. Chef, another great read…I was looking over the new menu which looks wonderful, but wanted to double check should this be Beef and not Beer? PAN ROASTED BEER TENDERLOIN…I do QA work for a living…so I tend to notice things like this…hope if it’s a typo…that it’s easy to fix..and if it isn’t at typo…sounds really cool!!!


  2. Thank you for saving me a trip. I recently commented to Dennis that maybe we should try Falafel Den again after we tried it two times when they first opened and were disappointed. I figured if they are still open, perhaps they had improved, and it looked like they had improved the space. I guess they are still missing their salt shaker. Shame. I love a good falafel. Best around here is Beirut in Troy, but it would be nice to have a good one closer to home.
    Menu looks great, we will be in soon!


  3. Kudos for using proofreaders. I guess even they can let one slip by from time to time however. (QA here also.). Menu looks wonderful.


  4. I know I’m very late to this, but… an avocado bar?! How does that work? Are there that many different sorts of avocados in the world? Or is it something like an oyster bar, with patrons lining up to scoop out raw avocado halves?


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