Useless Snippets

I generally save worthless thoughts on my phone’s notepad then pass them on to you poor souls to suffer through when I get enough, or get tired of keeping them. Here they are.

I’m almost done with the summer menu.  Summer in Saratoga means a simpler, faster menu than I do for other times of the year.  It’s not a time to be ultra-creative, or to show how many preparations of steak that you may know. This is no time to present a 5-pan pick up for a single dish.  What I find most important is creating a menu that can be executed quickly, be of the best quality that you can get, and be performed flawlessly.  It’s a big thrill to have people say hello and let you know they make it a point to come back every year.  It’s certainly not just about feeding people, it’s about providing a dining experience while eliminating the items, steps, and situations that bring down a dinner service in a short amount of time.

Kiss – keep it simple stupid.

Judge Judy always says, “that’s hearsay, I don’t listen to hearsay.”

Yoga pants.  You should not be putting 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5-pound bag.  A recent Lake George observation.

How do you know when someone is on a fad diet?  They’ll tell you unsolicited.

At the bus stop the kids were each boasting about the cool things they were able to do.  One young fella piped up and said, “I can spit on my own head.”

When your tattoos are worth more than your car.  Another Lake George observation.

Some people wait for the water to boil, others keep busy while until the water boils.

I want to be like John Keating from Dead Poets Society.  I would have liked to have a teacher like that.  The closest thing may have been Jim Rua at Café Capriccio.

Perhaps a Dead Chefs Society.

Crap, I don’t have time to do all the things on my list as it is.  DCS will have to wait.

There’s a mole about.

Never tell your wife that a long weekend is a good opportunity for her to catch up on her chores.  Trust me, you’ll regret it.

Walking through BJ’s today I heard the following: “She really wants Crocs, but they only have black.”  “She’ll just have to bejewel them.”

Speaking of BJ’s, there’s a new place opening locally called BJ’s Brewhouse.  Some folks are up-in-arms because they call themselves a brewhouse, but don’t brew beer there.  Well, there are a lot of places that don’t do or are not what their name implies.  Get over it.  Price Chopper comes to mind.

Stress can take you away from your creativity.

Hummus is one thing; pureed vegetables are another.  Adding tahini to something does not make it hummus.

I’m sorry your kid doesn’t like anything on the menu. What word in the name made you think children’s menu?  Wine or bar?

Overheard while having lunch in Lake George: “They offered me full-time, but I’m not giving up my weekends.”  You ever wonder why some people drive a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

A cabin in the woods.

Gossip and hearsay are like water. It goes its own way and is only as good as its source.

Gossip is unlike water in that the more it passes through filters the poorer quality it becomes.

I warned you they were useless.

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