Going To California

Jenn and I weren’t sure of anything until late Friday night so we kept things mum on a very important decision we’ve had to make.  Jenn recently got a contract offer to be The Chief Administrator for the OB/GYN Department at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa, California.  The position carries with it a seat on the Board of Directors.  We were quite settled on our resolution until the concrete offer came and we opted to revisit the decision  process with an actual sense of reality.

It’s a life-changing move, and making the decision to haul your family across the country should not be taken lightly.  We had decided prior to the offer that we would go since it’s not only an enormous career opportunity for Jenn, but without a doubt I would love cooking in the Napa Valley.  When the moment of truth came however it was far more difficult to imagine such a titanic move.  We came to the reailization that we would have to leave everything behind that we as a family have come to know and love.  Facing saying good-by to our jobs, school, friends, and our home made us take a second look at what we thought was a done deal.

After further discussion we concluded that this is a once in a lifetime career move for Jenn, and a chance for me to head to one of the  foremost culinary meccas in the country and bring my Mediterranean approach to cooking to its fullest potential.  The kids are still young and Theresa could use a change of scenery.  It’s settled, we’re going to California to start a new chapter in our lives with hearts full of expectation for fuller and more meaningful lives.

I’ve always thought that it’s important to expose your children to as many adventures and experiences as possible.  This move will not only make us more financially capable of doing that, it will put us in a part of the country that we think will lead to the kind of lifestyle we want.

Jenn will be heading out in late May to have an orientation period while I stay here with the kids to pack for the move, get the house on the market, finish the school year, and tie up all the loose ends that come with such an endeavor.  She will head back briefly in late June and we should all be on a plane for good in early July.

We haven’t told the kids yet but I think they will show a mixture of sadness, and excitement.  We will assure them that we’ll come back and visit as often as possible to celebrate holidays like April Fools Day.

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