Shopping for Snippets

Cigarettes and Coca Cola.  It’s no wonder you don’t feel well.

It has been decided by the smoking community that cigarette butts belong anywhere you want to throw them.

You have to care about the people you’re cooking for and planning menus for in order to do your best work.

Gimmicks and hooks are not the same as legitimate concepts and themes.

Try to see things from the other person’s point of view.

So many things about being mixed in with the general public are troubling to me.  I’m certainly more tolerant than I used to be, but there are some things that 20 mg. of Lexipro per day can’t fix.  Shopping is a difficult task as I have to be among the population and deal with the poor habits of consideration for the other humans they display simply to irritate me.

One thing I like to do as a distraction to the ill-will they shine on me is to take pictures of products I find interesting.

If you’re the obnoxious loud-mouth in the group, stop it.  You’re not fun, you’re not the life of the party, you’re an obnoxious

I went to one of the two breakfast places on Broadway in Schuylerville with Theresa yesterday (Tuesday).  Theresa ordered a couple of eggs and a big pancake.  I indicated to the server that the pancake was raw in the middle and she offered to throw it back on.  What?  It already had butter and syrup on it.  I said no.  The pancake that went uneaten was still on the bill.

Mac’s in on Broadway in Schuylerville is closed on Tuesdays.

Guinness is in the chip business.  No, not chips like an Irishman would know them.  Guinness is dead to me.


Polish nachos.  I’m half Polish, I can say that.

Paint and sip, plant and sip, quilt and sip………..When I used to drink Bourbon you know what I liked to do while I sipped?  Nothing, just drink.

A woman gave a 2 year-old a chocolate cupcake with green icing at 9:30 in the morning at the diner last week.


Chefs 4 Chefs is in its infancy, but I have the feeling this will turn out to be a worthwhile project.

Finally someone has made the peanut butter and jelly sandwich accessible to everyone.  Website on the way.

I wish unicorns were real and candy corns were make-believe.

Spring menu is pretty much done.  We’ll launch in a few weeks.  The calendar says Spring but the weather does not.

Quail – moroccan spice, peaches, ginger, honey, blood orange vinegar

Scallops and Sweetbreads – truffle risotto / morel mushrooms / asparagus / bordelaise

Lamb Chops – orange-chili glaze/ warm bean, bulgur & mint salad/ yogurt / toasted walnuts

Chef’s starter sauce?  Not this chef.

When you have kept the same hair style as your yearbook photo and you graduated in 1977.

How does this work and how does it last?


Wild blueberries, fresh from the farm.


A tobacco and whiskey candle.  So, like my neighbor Mildred’s breath?

This is one about the only good scene from Chef and I could watch it several times per day.  It has bad words.

Here’s a deleted scene from Burnt.  Chefs/servers, we’ve all wanted to do this at least once.

Insert adolescent remark here.


2 thoughts on “Shopping for Snippets

  1. “Sicilian flair sweet Marsala chef’s starter sauce, roasted garlic, earthy mushrooms. Traditional chicken but also good with pork or turkey.” Americanatá strikes again.


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