Coffee, Quiet, and Snippets

I had a small place in Glenville years ago and as the chef/owner I would shovel the sidewalk, do the dishes, cut the grass, and mop the floors.  Whatever needed doing was what I did.

The owners at The Wine Bar do the same.

Not too long ago I worked for an owner who actually didn’t know how to clean.  That wasn’t the first time, but it will be the last.

During my interview process for a sous chef one candidate who had a common  past employer described him as being dishonest and using fear and intimidation as a means for motivation.  That’s old-school kitchen management and has no place in today’s kitchen.  Things are changing and that should not be tolerated in any workplace.

Tell candidates who came for an interview that they didn’t get the position if you’re not going to hire them out of professional courtesy.

Is it reasonable to call the current employer of candidates who didn’t show up for a scheduled interview to find out if they’re ok, that you were worried about them since they hadn’t shown up for their interview?

I love naps on Sunday afternoon.

Everyone has left for the day, I’m sitting writing these feeble and random thoughts in a quiet house with a cup of coffee.  It’s a rare and glorious treat.

I recently bought work pants labeled relaxed fit.  Is that code for fat bastard fit?  Remember the husky section of the boy’s department at Sears?

The owner Adventure in Food emailed me personally about some changes to their product line.  It wasn’t generic with the name personalized in the greeting for each chef in a mass mailing.  It was personal with conversation specific to me.  That my friends is why I like small companies.

I called Earth and Sea for some uni last week.  The owner answered and said “Chef, to what do I owe the pleasure?”  He knew it was me through caller ID. We had not spoken in some time but he knew I was back at the Wine Bar through this blog.  Do you think the president of SYSCO reads my blog?

I did cross paths with Mr. President a couple of years ago when he came to see me unannounced during dinner service.  I wrote the following:   “The president of Sysco-Albany came to visit me a few days ago because one of the restaurants I’m doing some consulting work for has ended a 20 year relationship with them.  The kitchen manager had expressed a dissatisfaction with the level of service and asked me what a good alternative would be.  I suggested Performance Food Group so I gave them a call, set up the account in a day, and the restaurant saw its first delivery the next afternoon.”

The president of Sysco asked me why I don’t like Sysco.  I said, “Because the president of Sysco doesn’t know enough not to drop in unannounced to see the chef during dinner service.”

Did he think being the president of Sysco and stopping in to see me would be a game changer?  He stopped in only after the sales rep stopped, then the district manager, then the regional manager.  “The buck stops here” doesn’t mean much once that buck has changed hands a few times.  By the time it got to the top it was only worth 42 cents.

It’s baffling how some people can become president.

I haven’t thanked All Over Albany in a long time for adding a link to my posts.  Thank you.

There are a lot of shitty crackers out there.  Triscuits are the worst.  No, Carr’s water crackers are.  Wheat Thins are pretty bad too.

Pacifism can get you killed.

Chicken in a biscuit.

A fair assessment can have an unfair presentation

As I close out my search for a sous chef I am reminded that you can learn a lot about a candidate by looking at their Facebook page.  I know I’ve told this story before, but it’s good and there are a lot of new readers.  I had a candidate for a cook’s position years ago who sent his resume the day after he boasted on FB how he told his boss to go f*** himself and walked out during dinner service.

Having a platform does not give you a valid voice.

“It’s not real until your wife is on board.” ~ Darryl, The Office

When are we going to give up on magic potions and miraculous foods?   teas, sorghum, quinoa, kale, oats, turmeric, ginger, juice bars, diets, high-fat, low-fat, no-fat, Jack Sprat, coconut oil, avocados, bone broth, grain bowls, gluten-free, caveman diet, chia seeds, vegetable smoothies, hemp, amaranth……………………….

Cavemen, and ladies ate like that for a reason, and that reason was not to tell everyone on social media what new diet they’re on.

Eat fresh foods, move around, enjoy life.  Stop killing yourself trying to be healthy.

Sheep eat what the other sheep are eating.

My editor isn’t home, so pardon the mistakes.  I’m a culinarian who’s not a technically good writer.




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