Just Some Random Thoughts

Price Chopper has started offering delivery so now you can be over-charged from the comfort of your own home.

Because we’re chefs, and because The Wine Bar is a good restaurant, we make our own catsup, cut our own fries, make our pasta fresh, and we’ll even return to making American cheese for burgers. We make stuff from scratch because we know how and that’s because to buy stuff pre-made would make us a lesser restaurant.  We’ll go back to making our own bread as soon as the now dead mixer is replaced. We do it because we’re chefs.

One Caroline is for sale.

In Saratoga it’s not uncommon for someone to sell a failed business.  It’s not uncommon for someone in Saratoga to buy a failed business.

Nobody ever goes out of business, they lose their lease, their rent was doubled, their insurance was cancelled, the traffic patterns were changed, food trucks ran them out, the taxes killed them, they couldn’t get employees, their suppliers couldn’t get their product, they couldn’t devote the time, they had health problems, their cat died……..No one ever just had a business that failed.

Tate:  “I’m gonna let you share your money with me.”

Because they’re here for an experience, not just to be fed.

We do need people on the fringes.  They set the boundaries on both sides.  We need boundaries.

Reading the Craigslist restaurant jobs section is entertaining.  I recently saw an ad for a dishwasher asking to “attach your resumé”  I have been doing this for 18 years and I have never seen a dishwasher with a resumé.  Show up close to the time you’re scheduled, stay sober, do the work you’re asked to do and I’m happy.  And for goodness sake, don’t get arrested during service.

Some folks are very good at pointing out what’s wrong, but lack the skill at presenting a solution.  I suspect they also have no desire to present a solution.

I’m searching for a new sous chef.  I have a love-hate relationship with hiring new people.  On one hand it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and bring some fresh ideas and personalities into the fold.  However, it can be a real pain in the ass because the majority of young people in this business do not know how to go about applying for a job and following through properly with the process of getting hired.

A couple of weeks ago I posted an ad on Craigslist for the sous chef’s position that specifically said please include a short note that tells my why I should call you for an interview.  “I have included my resumé” is short but it just won’t motivate me to call you.  I also like to ask that applicants include their resumé in both the body of the email and as an attachment.  I like to see who can follow directions.  Most of the respondents cannot follow directions.

“Where are you at?” is not a cover letter.

I reached out to one young fellow and asked if his schedule was open for an interview.  The response was “just let me know when and I’ll be there.”  OK, Tuesday at 10:00 am.  “Where are you located?”  417 Broadway (this is when I start to have doubts because I would have just Googled it).  Chef arrives at work early to interview candidates and gets an email at 9:43.  ” I am terribly sorry but I didn’t receive this email (the one giving the address that I sent early yesterday) until late last night. I can try to reschedule for later this week.  Is there anyway we can talk today just to get an idea of what the job is about.”

No, there’s no way we can talk about the job.  I was prepared to do that at 10:00.  My ad spelled out that it was a sous chef’s position and the expectations that are attached to the position,  you know where the job is and you have full access to the internet.  The process tells me a lot about what kind of employee you will likely be.

Next interview is at 11:00.

He showed.  Good candidate.

It’s being suggested that we train and arm teachers to prevent or curtail mass shootings in schools. That’s probably expensive.  Imagine if we had invested in education and our school systems long ago.  That investment could have included better access to mental health care, better pay for teachers, and better training for those teachers so they could recognize issues sooner in at risk kids.  Pay now, or pay later.  Also, let’s say we arm teachers, or hire veterans and/or off-duty law enforcement officers.  What happens when mentally ill gunmen decide it’s easier to go to the mall, or the beach, or the county fair…….?  Let’s just arm everyone. Good luck at the shootout folks.

I think about this shit, but it’s not all I post about on Facebook. In fact my political posts are minimal.  It’s good to share information but an awful lot of you are sharing garbage, not facts, and certainly not information.  Also, many of you are so one-dimensional that your posts have become predictable and irrelevant.  There’s more to life.

In order to make your guests happy you need to be happy yourself.

Next week is Restaurant Week in Schenectady.  Better them than me.  Restaurant weeks have run their course.



3 thoughts on “Just Some Random Thoughts

  1. “Some folks are very good at pointing out what’s wrong, but lack the skill at presenting a solution. I suspect they also have no desire to present a solution.”

    There’s been a lot of that in the news lately.

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