Fake News


Real news first:  I just finished my second week back at The Wine Bar.  It was a great week.  I presented my 18th menu there and with 100% truth I could not have done it so successfully without the entire team from the top down.  Everyone played an important role.  I think both the FOH and BOH are some of the best I’ve worked with there (I’ve worked with a lot of great individuals in the past).  There’s a mature and professional attitude and a desire to learn and elevate. I expect some very great things to develop over the coming months and believe The Wine Bar has its best days ahead.


They lost their lease.  A lease is a contract with a starting point and an ending point.  If you have “lost your lease” between those two points, then you’ve done something that violates the rules of that lease.  My guess is that you didn’t pay your rent.

BJ’s Brewhouse.  Don’t you need to brew beer to be considered a brew house?

Searing meat seals in the juices.  If you see anyone on TV or the interwebs telling you that, turn them off.  Science.

You’re a great cook, you should open a restaurant.  Most people who open restaurants shouldn’t.

Ramen is a new thing.  I have no more to say on this topic.  I do love good ramen though.

Using a temperature probe lets the juices run out of the meat.  Actually, the cell walls are only broken at the site of the insertion, the remainder will be intact thus holding the fluids.  Science.

If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean.  Time thinking, talking, and fantisaizing about food has value.  Keep your kitchen clean, too.

Champagne is sparkling wine, all sparkling wine is not Champagne.

Marinating will tenderize meats.  The penetration by marinades is minimal.  The best way to get a tender steak is to buy a tender steak.

Restaurant servers are personal servants.  No, relax and allow them to do their jobs.  They are working hard and have other people to care for.  

You should not discuss politics or religion.  Why not?  Perhaps if we learned to discuss these subjects in a reasonable, informed, and mature way, we would have a better understanding of each other.

Pork should be cooked through.  Science.

Turkey Bacon.  Do I really need to explain this one?

You should only turn your steaks once.  NO!  Cook them in a pan and turn them every 30 seconds to 1 minute. Science.

Organic is healthier.  Not always.

Chefs have to have full, unquestioned control in their kitchens.  Yelling at the staff is one of the methods to keep everyone in line and on the same page.  That’s old thinking and really quite unnecessary.  I’ve been there, and trust me, it only gives short-term results.  What it leads to is high turnover, higher labor cost, and everyone thinking you’re an asshole.  Use your noodle, think, and act like a reasonable person.  Work with your organization, work as a unit, and everyone will profit.  

Everyone who cooks professionally is a chef.

Using Sysco will give you a bad restaurant.  Not necessarily, but it can tempt you to have bad habits and use less-than-desirable products.  

I was a model student in school.

Red Bull is good for you.

Most food “allergies.”

All people who drink coffee like coffee.  Go to Stewart’s and watch young men put cream and sugar in their coffee.  They like caffeine and sugar. 

I love to give food away because you want to go off the menu and meld two separate items.  Not really.  Last night I had someone want chicken on top of one of our salads.  I’m always willing to do that but it’s necessary to charge for the chicken and the salad minus a few bucks since I was eliminating the sides of the chicken entrée.  What people who order chicken on a salad in an upscale restaurant often fail to understand is that we do not have boneless, skinless, commodity-grade chicken breasts in our coolers like places that offer sliced chicken on a salad.  I use a properly raised chicken from nearby farms that come to me unprocessed and fresh.   So, not only are you paying for better product, you’re paying for that product to be properly prepared and cooked with fresh herbs and real butter or good olive oil.  I also make that call because I’m not the one paying for our food and I have an obligation to those who do pay for it to sell it for a price that will allow them to run a business. 

The Patriots are successful because they cheat.  The statistics on fines for rule violations says otherwise.  Violations by the Patriots make the news, violations by the Broncos and Jets (biggest cheaters) do not.

The refs help the Patriots.  C’mon, a system that favors one team over the others for 15 years would involve an awful lot of people.  Someone would have talked by now.

Most people make their own pizza.  Stella and Tate were amazed when Jennifer told them this morning that most people do not.  We must be doing something right.

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