First Snippets of 2018

I foolishly started another blog a few weeks ago as an outlet for thoughts beyond restaurants and food.   In an effort to streamline my life and practice better time management I changed direction and decided that all my thoughts will be in chefsday.  Mostly my posts will be focused on food, dining, and life in the restaurant business.  On occasion I’ll veer off and throw in almost anything.  Today I have a mix of snippets for your reading pleasure, and a sure waste of your valuable time.

Some of you may recall from a recent post that I had announced to our Thanksgiving guests that I planned on doing a Moroccan themed Christmas dinner.  That plan was eventually overruled and ended up doing Kitschmas dinner instead.  I really thought my idea would be ok but since I do 90% of the holiday cooking.  What was I thinking?  The funny thing about doing Christmas (or any other) dinner and appetizers based on the 1970s is that no one really noticed.

My 2018 mantra comes from Karen Page, author of Culinary Creativity“Decide not to copy.  Decide to create your own food, your own way.  Feel your own fire, look inside yourself, and make your own thoughts edible.”  


MTV – Food Network – ESPN

I recently got an email from someone I haven’t seen it almost two years.  Interesting? Not really, unless you consider that I was writing him an email when I received it.  If you think that’s a coincidence wait until I tell you the rest of the story.  Hopefully later today or tomorrow.

According to Piper the 10 year-old chocolate lab who lives in our house, I’m a wonderful and caring human being.

Trump: “Pakistan has given us nothing but lies and deceit.”  So, the same thing you’ve given us Mr. President?  At least Pakistan does something useful and makes the kitchen towels with the blue stripe.

I get irritated when you get a bundle of blue striped towels back from the linen service and there’s an orange striped one in the mix.  Who allowed this chaos to happen?

Terrorism is a reaction to imperialism.

Ice bars.  Why?

Portobello carpaccio.  Why?

I’ll put my vegan pizza Margherita against anyone’s.

Babies are honest.

Some preparations of produce were meant to be eaten out-of-season.

I was in the doctor’s office last week and there was a woman waiting with a little boy.  He was there for a lingering cough and she reeked of cigarettes.

Just because people will order it does not mean it should go on your menu.

History does not lie, only the telling of it.

My wife asked me if I could be nicer.  I told her I’d try but couldn’t commit to it.

While the nut was standing guard at his front door waiting for a donkey to come confiscate his weapons an elephant slipped in his back doors and robbed him.

What is New American Cuisine?  How quickly does it change?

Excessive American indulgence was a term used recently in the Times Union’s review of a local restaurant.  That’s the term I’ve been searching for in my feeble mind to describe much of the dining scene.  Do we really need to continue to pile pork belly, fat-soaked meats, heart-stopping piles of cheese and cream sauces on everything to make it palatable?   How about making good quality, fresh foods taste great?  Fresh produce, fresh herbs, interesting spices, interesting proteins, and excellent cooking technique are losing out to the deep fryer.  You shouldn’t have to “wash your food down.”

Don’t ask why good food costs so much, ask why cheap food costs so little.

Religion keeps the poor from murdering the rich. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

My wife asked me if I had a preference for a mop at home.  I told her no, I could watch her mop with any kind she felt comfortable with.

Are you just trying to survive, or are you trying to excel?

People are still doing mango salsa.

As long as I can remember I’ve never been allowed to use the good scissors.

Before learning the tricks of the trade, learn the trade.

The crock pot, like Rosé and Lambrusco get a bad rap.

For Christmas my son asked for an Optimus Prime figure from The Transformers.  To save money I got him an Optimus Select.

Most things that pass are nothing.

Have an overall plan to running your kitchen.

The shift of one moment in either direction in one person’s life can affect the rest of the lives of so many.

The menu you execute says a lot about you, or at least your current situation.

Acceptance is difficult.

Menu writing is an art form.  Some compare to Pollack, Rembrandt, Botticelli or Cole.  Others compare to a dry erase board, a photocopier, or a small child’s finger painting.

I shall remind you that I’m not a Democrat or a Liberal in any way.  I view every policy and situation on its own and I lean right in many cases.  I have voted Republican in three Presidential elections and would do so again.  I  think Barack Obama was the finest President of my lifetime.  I also think Ronald Regan was a very good President.  


6 thoughts on “First Snippets of 2018

  1. reagan. oh boy. lots of fodder in this post. most pressing is that karen page quote. i heard a modification of it – that always stuck with me…and it was something like ‘copy in the beginning so you get the skills to not later on.’


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