What’s Old is New…………Snippets too

Update:  I did start a new blog but decided against it as I want to streamline my life and make better use of my time. Read on.

I’ve changed.  My blog should change too.  In fact, I think it’s time to start a new blog.  No, I’m not ending chefsday.  I try not to be political here but with the fools in Washington, and all the non-food and restaurant related things I experience I often feel myself wanting to include my thoughts about the daily happenings in my world (which has a different color sky than your world) in chefsday.  So, I’ve decided to start a new blog about the world inside my head away from food and the restaurant life. As a rule I don’t invite too many people into that world but since I’ve started to open up my life with discussion about my long-term depression and alcohol misuse  I think the natural progression is to keep the gates open and let everything flow like sewage from a politician’s mouth.  While I certainly intend to keep a personal life as everyone should, I’d love to share my thoughts outside of my life as a chef in a different forum.

I’m starting dominicsbrain as an outlet for those thoughts to stand on their own and I’m refining chefsday with some new themes, a new layout, and expanded features and perhaps even some useful information, culinary tips and interesting and original recipes.  The original intent will remain the same as always; an insight into the experiences and thoughts of a chef but with a generally more positive approach.  Also I will pay closer attention to the technical aspects of my writing.  I am fully aware that I misuse commas, and several other rules of punctuation and grammar.  I guess Strunk and White never got through to me.  I also need to have my work edited.  2018 will see some great changes in this blog, in my life as a chef, and in my life as me. Stay tuned.

Now a few snippets

By telling us that you don’t need to rinse dishes before putting them in your dishwasher Cascade® is suggesting that it’s ok to run all that debris into your machine.

Spot Coffee has the worst black and white cookie I’ve ever had.  As dry as dirt in Kansas.

I think it’s funny when restaurants advertise the fact that they use imported pasta.  If you want to impress me tell me you make your own.

Although I’ve done it, I dislike special menus such as those put out by restaurants on New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day.  Why overspend for a menu the kitchen is not used to doing.  I think most culinary professionals will agree the first night of a new menu is very difficult.  50 covers feels like 100 on those nights.

Y’ever go to a casual place like a pizzeria or fast food restaurant and notice every guy eating alone has one leg out of the side of the booth as if to say I’m just stopping quickly to eat, I’m on my lunch hour and I don’t normally eat alone?

6 thoughts on “What’s Old is New…………Snippets too

  1. I’m so easily bored and your intro killed me. You must me less introspective to be interesting. We all have issues. Personally, I want to hear your thoughts about restaurants, food, people, behind the scenes stuff. When it comes down to it, it’s difficult to interact with and care about loved ones

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    • Lisa, I wouldn’t worry too much. Most of my “issue” stuff will be moved over to my new blog leaving chefsday to focus on many thoughts and experiences in the restaurant world. I’ll keep it interesting.


  2. I’ve been searching for a proper black and white in these parts and am always disappointed: Any suggestions would be appreciated. And good luck with your new blog.


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