It’s My Birthday

It really is the anniversary of my birth, but this post has little to nothing to do with that glorious day.  Today my family and I went out to Bailey’s tree farm in Cambridge and cut a 9 1/2 foot tree, decorated it, and had some eggnog.  Eggnog is much thicker than I remember, but then again I normally thin it out with some Bourbon.

I did some shopping as well and took some pictures for you.

Byron’s, the little grocery store here in Schuylerville, sells these as dog bones for $2.29 lb.  Sold elsewhere as marrow bones for a trendy restaurant dish?  A few more bucks.  Yes, I bought them all so don’t waste a trip.

You think running out of cheap TVs at the Walmarts on Black Friday makes people act like animals?  Wait until our food supply runs low.

Organic “chocolate flavored” syrup.

When I was in college, the dining service would not set up the hot food line until 9:00 am since it wasn’t too common to have students up that early on a weekend.  What they did was put some eggs and pancake batter out by the flat-top and students could drop whatever they wanted on to the griddle and be on their way.  Well, I would find my way into the coolers and find some prepped items I could use for omelets, French toast, ham steaks, sausages, and bacon.  After a few weeks of that I started to get a 7:30 following, but the dining manager eventually got wind of what I was up to.  I was banned, so I went back to sleeping in.

Some people tell you what they’re going to do, others show you what they’ve done.

Do I even try to explain this?


Just the other day I took notice of an interesting Instagram photo of a quiche with a salad.  The plate was posted by someone eating at one of the restaurants that’s part of a local restaurant group and apparently one of the better places to get a meal.  What struck me was that the crust for the quiche was clearly a poor-quality pre-made pie shell you’d see on a $4 pie at Hannaford.  Also, the salad was simply a thoughtless handful of mesclun greens straight out of a bag.  The person reported how good this lunch was.  That’s the problem.

I watched these glasses for 15 minutes and they were not entertaining at all.


Tate was mad because there were no onions in the guacamole.  Five-year-old kids generally get mad if there are onions in anything.  It’s not that kids are picky, it’s more plausible that parents assume kids won’t eat “adult” food items so they give them chicken fingers and spaghetti-o’s instead.

I had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch today.  Campbell’s tomato soup.  It’s my birthday so stop the judgement.  We all need that sort of thing in our lives.

If you’re always posting on social media about how busy you are then I’m guessing that you’re not all that busy.

A true loaf of bread is 3 ingredients, a commercially manufactured loaf is up to 35 ingredients.  Don’t tell me it’s the gluten that’s bothering you.

Adolescent kitchen humor here.


Inconsistent restaurants are often open too many hours (brunch, lunch, dinner), too many days (seven days), and cannot staff themselves with enough quality people for long-term positions to create solid dining experiences as a rule.

Tuscany, known for their cheddar.

Tate asked me why all the pictures on my Instagram are of food.  I told him because I’m a chef and the things I like to follow are food and restaurant related.  He disagreed and told me I need more pictures of Godzilla.

When using a public restroom I find it troubling that there’s too often a urine puddle either in front of the urinal or toilet.  Whoever is responsible please do not invite me to your house for dinner, or anything else for that matter.

“Fresh” out-of-season cherries at Fresh Market for $9.99 lb.


I was working in a small kitchen many years ago in Albany and during dinner service the owner came into the kitchen to microwave some coffee from lunch for a customer.  I called him on it and said he should be ashamed of himself, and that’s no way to treat a paying guest.  Oh, and I didn’t work there anymore.

Stella:  “Real is better.”

Yes, and we know how well the Federal Government has managed our nutritional needs.  These are the people in bed with Monsanto.

It was a great day with the family packed with Christmas decorating, carols, and eggnog.  Since I slept in, as well, I didn’t have time to make the pot of Sunday sauce I was planning, nor did Jenn have time to make a cake.  That’s just fine, we’ll do it tomorrow and call it Monday sauce.  It’s my birthday, I can do what I want.


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