A very happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

I have a deep appreciation for all my friends, family, and those of you who take a few minutes to read my thoughts, rants, likes, dislikes and all my experiences as a chef.  It has been a tough, rewarding, painful, wonderful, rewarding, fun, miserable, and satisfying career in the restaurant business to this point.  Yet, I’m not done.  Given an opportunity I plan to do much more in this business, and tell all of you about it as it happens.

I’m not much of a turkey fan but we follow tradition in my house however since it’s what my wife wants. I’m thankful for her, she gives me very clear instructions.

I do enjoy a good bowl of turkey noodle soup.

I’m sitting here with the house filled with the aroma of cranberry, tangerine, and cardamom stewing as well as the pot of turkey stock I’ve had simmering for hours that I’ll use for the stuffing and as the liquid in the roasting pan to be used for the gravy.

We’re pretty much doing the classics.  Roast turkey (I brine it), mashed potatoes with lots of butter, sweet potatoes without marshmallows, corn, Brussels sprouts, glazed carrots, cranberry stuff, and of course my favorite, stuffing made with Heidelberg peasant bread. We’ll also have apple and pumpkin pie.

While our simple and classic Thanksgiving dinner seems mundane for a chef, I must confess that it’s the way I like it.  Besides, I’m a chef so I prepare everything well and I can knock this dinner out with just a few hours of work.

Turkeys are like any other animals we eat. There are good ones, then there’s factory farmed, chewy, dry, cheap ones.  Grocery stores boast 49 cents per pound for a turkey that unnaturally weighs 27 lbs.  That’s bad eating.

We buy a good turkey from a farm.

As the Holiday season kicks in I feel better than I have in years about Christmas and the possibilities of the New Year.

The Pilgrim story I learned in school is a bit warped.

Last year a coyote ate our turkey, not quite the death that was planned for it.

I’m thankful for:  People in my life that love me unconditionally,  my time at The Wine Bar as it was mostly good, my time at Cafe Capriccio as it was there that I really started to cook.  Also for the community of support for this blog, my work, and my mental health.

Thank you especially to my wife, Jennifer. You have been patient, supportive, and understanding beyond a reasonable level.

I hope you all enjoy the day, have a great Holiday season and I hope to feed many of you before long.


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