Thyme and Time Again

Thyme is important to cooking.

Time is important to cooking.

Americans spend less time preparing meals at home than anyone else in the World. People say it’s because we are busier than ever, but I don’t believe it.  industrial food production has made it too easy for people to get food cheaply, and prepare it quickly. Mass produced food also contains lots of low-cost, low quality sugars, salt, and fats, which we humans are susceptible to developing cravings for.  industrial cooking over time has actually changed our taste buds, and as a group, and we now desire manufactured foods over raw, unprocessed foods.

I find great pleasure in taking the time to prepare a good, fresh, and flavorful meal for people I love.  Heck, I even enjoy it for people I don’t love.

Americans spend less time eating than anyone else, yet we have an obesity rate of 34%.  We eat quickly prepared food on the go, in front of the TV, in the office, and in the car. Not only is this damaging our physical health, but it’s damaging our mental health.

There are a lot of products disguised as healthy foods to eat on the go. Bars that claim to be healthy alternatives to a full meal.  I think those claims are bullshit.

There are over 400 types of thyme plants

There are countless studies that tell us that eating more slowly will lead to a greater feeling of satisfaction.

We spend an average of 30 minutes on meal preparation, who says Rachael Ray isn’t evil?

Time, by Pink Floyd is my favorite song.

Thyme oil is apparently a good treatment for toenail fungus.

I can drink a pint of beer far faster than most people.

Cool Hand Luke ate fifty eggs in one hour, that was a great movie scene  Joey Chestnut ate 141 eggs in 8 minutes, that, and other competitive eating is disgusting.  We’ve lost the concept of food, and have turned it into an entertainment prop.

Guy Fieri is a tool, and his bacon wrapped, sausage stuffed, deep-fried, and cream sauce drenched style of eating and its glorification are part of our obesity culture. The Food Network its chefs started out teaching people how to cook, but that was a long time ago. The Food Network, like other businesses, seems to have discovered that there’s no money in actual food. How do we separate money from food?

The United States spends the least per capita on food, and the most per capita on medicine.

The connection between food, nature, and life are important.

Thyme grows well in dry and hot conditions in poor quality soil. Clearly, despite the conditions, time keeps on going.

The ancient Egyptians used thyme for embalming, a process to ensure the dead body would last a long time.  Adding time when choosing, preparing, and eating will help our bodies last longer.

My son Tate is very concerned with two times each day. He will ask often “what o’clock is it?”  The times are 10:00, when Sesame Street is on, and 2:00, when Bonanza is on.

My best time for a 10k is 29:30, that was a long time ago.

I’m not a fan of most dried herbs, but thyme is one that I use with confidence.

Thyme is an important ingredient to many classic spice blends.

Time is important.



3 thoughts on “Thyme and Time Again

  1. I’m always surprised by posts that don’t garner feedback. Kinda bums me out, truth be told. You work hard on these things! Maybe everyone simply agreed with your sentiments here and had nothing to add? Nevertheless, I am throwing some love in the hopper for this post. Truer words…

    Related aside–have you seen Michael Moore’s latest doc, Where to Invade Next? Terrific work and it has a lot of food and life stuff that will resonate with you. Check it out.

    Sorry to read about all you are facing just now. From this side of the screen, it sure looks like your family is lucky to have you and you to have them. I’ll echo Daniel Berman’s offer to help in any way I can. We haven’t met, but don’t let that get in the way of reaching out. I think it would be a great way to meet!

    Be well.


    • Randal, thank you for one of the best comments I’ve gotten on this blog. I’m very sorry for the time it has taken me to respond, but it has been on my mind. I have not seen Where to Invade Next? but it is on my list of things to see. As far as your offer to help where you can, I sincerely appreciate it. During a very difficult time it gave me great comfort to know there are some genuinely caring people in my world. As things settle down here at home and our family gets into our new routine, I’d love to meet up and chat about food and life. Again, thank you.


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