Anti-Social Media

This post has taken me several days to write as sitting up is difficult right now due to a second hernia surgery last Friday.  I had the same surgery in October, and had a reoccurrence that actually required 4 incisions to repair what the surgeon said was a crazy looking hernia.  Last time was 3 incisions and it is possible, as my wife will claim, that I got back to work too soon.  I guess that’s what happens when you continue put your job ahead of your own health. . I’ve learned a lesson.  Hopefully, however, I can start my new position next week in some capacity.

The ATT girl is a real cutie.

Gold band oysters do not need shucking.  This is common practice by restaurants. There is necessary side work prior to, and after service, but I’ve never been a fan of wait staff doing food prep.  Very early in my career I worked at a place that required the servers to prep and make all the house salads.

I love beer and sausages.

I’ve dry aged beef in several restaurants over the years.  It’s easy,

When I talk about social media, I include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  That’s all I include because those are all I’m familiar with. You’re right, I’m not too social media savvy.

Currently I’m on all but Twitter, which I tried, but didn’t like or at least didn’t understand.  For the most part, I really do not feel confident that too many people have the need to know what I’m thinking or doing at any given moment of the day or night. Perhaps I’ll try it again and try to understand it, but I easily get frustrated with things I cannot grasp. Funny, I can see in my head, and do with my hands some very complex things with ease, but cannot navigate something (Twitter) that even Donald Trump can.  Of course, I’m sure he could never learn to break down an entire lamb in 20 minutes.

Just say you went out of business without all the bullshit excuses. I opened a small restaurant many years ago and didn’t have enough money or enough experience.  My planning was poor and I just couldn’t make it.

I just got on LinkedIn, I think it my be fruitless, but I’ll keep it going just to give it a fair chance. It’s a work in progress.

A nurse called me from Saratoga Hospital on Monday to check up on me. I told her I was still very sore and she asked if I had gotten my prescription filled for the pain meds. I said yes but I was saving them for recreational use.  She had no idea how to respond,

I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram right now due to being on the second day of a ten-day detox diet. Most of the people I follow are chefs and restauranteurs that post great food pictures. I’m hungry.

Facebook I like, mostly. There’s an awful lot of stupid  shit on Facebook like much of the political commentary, and all the “can you solve this puzzle?” stuff.  Even worse, the “can you think of a name without an e in it?”

One of the supplements I’m being forced to take is fish oil. When you burp, I makes you wonder if you recently ate some bad salmon.

I could also do without the constant stream of motivational memes.  You cannot be that motivated if you’re wasting so much time on Facebook looking up and posting motivational memes all day.

Not much food related stuff to report as I have not been working. That will change next week, I think.  The break has been great, and my batteries are recharged. I’m fully prepared for a new challenge.



3 thoughts on “Anti-Social Media

  1. “Just say you went out of business without all the bullshit excuses. I opened a small restaurant many years ago and didn’t have enough money or enough experience. My planning was poor and I just couldn’t make it.”



  2. When talking to healthcare professionals never joke about, or hint that you may be a substance abuser. They take notes, and you could find yourself in a bad situation in the future, when somebody with no sense of humor reads them.


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