Kibbles and Bits

This past Saturday, Jennifer and I cooked dinner for the Valentine’s Day event at The Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany.  We served 42 people 5 courses from the butler’s pantry using just a GE Profile home stove.

Duck liver pâtè/spiced red onion marmalade

Hand made ricotta tortelloni/chicken consommè/chives

Butter lettuce/shaved radish/tarragon/lemon vinaigrette

Choice of:

Braised monkfish/truffle butter crushed fingerling potatoes/crimini mushrooms, pan sauce

Roast quail/pheasant sausage stuffing/sweet potato gratin/glazed parsnip/pheasant bordelaise

Roast venison loin/licorice crust/pear and chestnut bread pudding/celery root and bone marrow puree

Choice of:

Chocolate almond torte/ameretto mascarpone mousse/amarena cherries

French apple tart/cinnamon crème Anglaise/caramel stained glass

It was fun, a nice success, and an important fund-raiser for the Albany County Historical Association. Thank you for connecting them to me, Bob Lee, owner of The Wishing Well and The Brook Tavern, both excellent restaurants.  Also thank you to Adventure in Food and Brickman Produce and Seafood for helping defray the costs. As well, Jillian Altenberg, Executive Director at The Mansion, and Sarah Johnson, Education Coordinator.

Things we can do without: Chocolate covered strawberries, they’re cliché.  The “we lost our lease” fib, people just don’t lose a contract for no reason. You didn’t pay the rent.  Add grilled chicken or shrimp, it’s old.  Micro greens, they generally get over used and look sloppy and wilted.  More burger joints. Billy Fuccillo Jr. doing radio commercials, I change the station.  Sore winners, cause you really look bad when you lose. Misuse of the word bruschetta, a pet peeve of mine. The overrated.  Our love affair with mediocre sushi, I’m simply tired of spicy tuna being the most exciting thing on sushi menus.  Unseasonal menus, tomatoes in January, terrible. Under-seasoned food, invest in some tasting spoons. Pre-cooked pasta, there are enough good fresh pastas from most vendors, no excuse for mushy pasta.  Lobster mac&cheese, it’s been done to death move on.  Bacon as a trend, yes bacon is good, but it’s being used as a substitute for good cooking.

Often people will not understand what you did for them until you’re not there to do it anymore.

7% of patients that have laparoscopic hernia repairs have a reoccurrence of the hernia. That includes me. Going in again February 26th.

7% of Americans approve of Congress,

7 foods that start with q: quince, quark, Quisp, quesadilla, quohog, quail, Quiche.

Jennifer and I once cooked a dinner for 14 people based on the Seven Deadly Sins. The envy course was sausage with lentils.  We didn’t give the women sausages.

7% of German citizens were Nazis in 1940.

7 foods that help detox your liver: Grapefruit,  garlic,  beets, carrots,  leafy greens, avocados,  apples.

7% of women love their hair.

7 questions I have: What is bruschetta sauce?  Why do people care what other people eat or do not eat, as long as it does not interfere with them?  Why do politicians spend more to get a job than that job actually pays?  Why do some people refuse to try new foods?  Why wouldn’t a server want to know the menu?  Why do some restaurant menus still say things like “cooked to perfection?”   Why are basic latex gloves about 4.4 cents each, and basic latex condoms about $1.35 each?

I once worked for a guy that took credit for any dish or recipe that I came up with.  He also took credit for all the ideas he got off the internet.

As I write this, Jennifer has The Grammy’s on in the next room.  I see that Justin Bieber is just learning to play the guitar.

Justin Bieber is no Justin Timberlake.

Typically, if in your mind a snippet refers to you, then it does, whether it does or not.

3 thoughts on “Kibbles and Bits

  1. Seriously laughing!!!! “Jennifer and I once cooked a dinner for 14 people based on the Seven Deadly Sins. The envy course was sausage with lentils. We didn’t give the women sausages.” Too funny, you guys! THANKS for the giggle. Zena


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