Bowl of Super Snippets

Not everyone wants to be elevated, or at least wants to put in the effort to do so.

It’s funny,  you’re more likely find fault with something that you cannot afford to keep.

I’m always skeptical when I read some biographical information about a chef and it says in a short snippet that he/she worked under some well-known chef without any other information like their length of tenure or the position they held.  “Worked under Jeremiah Tower” holds little value.  “Was the executive sous chef for two years, then promoted to chef de cuisine under Michael Symon” means something.

The typical Fox News viewer on average has an IQ 20 points lower than the typical non-viewer.

I read that somewhere, I didn’t do any testing.

Running a restaurant is not like running most other kind of businesses, the people are different, and the product is different.

More than once in my career I have been told by a an owner/manager that there was a desire to raise the level of cuisine then failed to do or allow what’s necessary to make that happen.

I’m not sure most understand what is necessary.  Some, I’m confident do.

Voting for Bernie Sanders will not turn the US into a socialist nation.  We’re in the middle, we move ever so slightly to the left, or ever so slightly to the right every 4-8 years. There is not a single individual or administration that will change the entire political system.

Writing a restaurant menu is a fine line between business and art.

No more free restaurant advice. I’ve worked hard to learn what I know, from now on there’s a price.

I’m cooking Valentine’s dinner with Jennifer at the Ten Broeck Mansion

Exoctix mushrooms

Your and you’re. Very confusing. Not


No, I didn’t say I was supporting Bernie Sanders.

Fred generally has no idea what he’s talking about.

When life brings you full circle, all you’ve accomplished is to end up where you started.

There was no Chowderfest for me this year. Yippee!

Spring training is right around the corner.

I didn’t attend the CIA, but I’m sure they teach more than cream sauces.

Jenn and I had dinner at The Wishing Well Tuesday night. The best meal we’ve had out in a long time.

Cream in risotto is cheating.

Deep pockets allow you the ability to make mistakes.

Shallow pockets cause you to make mistakes.

Pretty traditional food for the game today. Nachos, guacamole, some shrimp.

Beer too.

I don’t watch any pregame analysis or commentary, it’s a waste of time.

If people held hands in a line around The Equator, most of them would drown.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Yawning Duck™ half time analysis. 

One record set at this year’s Super Bowl: The most 14 year-old girls on a football field at one time.

Followed by the most OMG texts occurring simultaneously.

The half time show is pretty bad so far. Of course, Cold Play is pretty bad to begin with.

Makes me remember just how good Freddie Mercury was

Those leather underpants Beyoncé is wearing cannot be too comfortable.


4 thoughts on “Bowl of Super Snippets

  1. Hi Dominic. I’m no chef, cook, or other – but I sure do enjoy reading your writing. And I agreed with EVERYTHING you said about the superbowl. I wish you best in your future endeavors, no doubt, something wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

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