Just Some Snippets

The Wine Bar has been open for 16 years, and for the most part of the last 13, there have only been 3 chefs. Why? They treat the chef with respect and allow the chef to be a chef.

Too many owners like to write menus. Some owners are good at it, most are not.

A chef that can’t write his or her own menu is not yet a chef.

You typically hear the complaint or observation that chefs move around a lot, far more than we hear about places that go through chefs like a baby goes through diapers.  Hey, you shit in a diaper and you’ve got no choice but to have it replaced.

A major league baseball costs $12.00 on Amazon.  That’s where everyone buys everything, right?  I simply don’t understand why folks go crazy when they recover a foul ball during a game.

The cost of selling as much alcohol as possible in a short period of time: human life.

Disorganization can be expensive.

Ignorance due to laziness, inexcusable.

Has pork belly run its course?

The older I get, the better I get at dodging bullets.

Spin, it’s everywhere.


CDPHP has published a guide to healthy eating in the  Capital Region  http://blog.cdphp.com/health-living/guide-to-healthy-restaurants-capital-region/  It’s ridiculous.  Not only is the list tremendously inaccurate, but it’s amateurishly done and irresponsible.  I expect this kind of list to be done by an aspiring and inexperienced food blogger, not a large corporation that pretends to be part of the health care industry. Shame on them.

I really don’t care for pecans that much

I had my first post-surgical visit today at 7:20, the first appointment.  I walk in, not a soul to be seen. I sit, listening to the voices in the back figuring the receptionist was answering a phone call.  Then I heard her make one call after the other to various patients. At 7:35, still the only one in the outer office,  I walked into the back offices and expedited the process. After the weigh-in, blood pressure…….., the medical assistant opened a laptop and started to ask me the same questions that I answered both in writing and verbally on the last visit,  the standard questions like medical history, family history, medications……….. Well, I stopped her, said that aside from the surgery, nothing has changed in the last two weeks, so please don’t ask me the same questions over and over.  She said “we have to” and I replied “I’m not going to answer them”  She then informed me that she would have to put that the patient refused to answer. “good, let’s put that and move on the point of the visit.  Things went smoothly from there.

Suppose you went to a restaurant with a 6:00 reservation and no one greeted you, and you had to seek someone out after 15 minutes. Then the hostess recited the special upon seating you, then the busser came by to fill the water glasses and recited the specials, then the server came to take your drink order and recited the specials. It would be annoying, and show a lack of communication and organization. Wait, now the bartender comes over to confirm your drink order. That’s how it feels every time I go to the doctor.

The Kansas City Royals were just better than the Met’s.  Had the Cubs not choked against the Met’s we would have had a better World Series.

I went back to work yesterday after one week of recovery. I didn’t feel well at all. I seem to feel better today.


9 thoughts on “Just Some Snippets

  1. I feel exactly the same way about visits to health care professionals. We can only hope that they are not the idiots they appear to be. I’m glad you’re back in the Wine Bar and hope you feel much better soon. I want to go for your venison next time I’m up there.

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  2. When interviewing a patient I’d often go over familar information just to verify accuaracy and document it. A good rule of thumb is not to piss off the people you entrust your life to. That includes not pissing off the chef.


  3. Good help is hard to get, even in a medical office. No excuse for that kind of behavior. People in a doc’s office are already stressed and need to be acknowledged promptly. I might address it with the physician, as I think sometimes they are not aware of what’s going on up front. Speedy recovery. Btw, I would have refused to answer also, saying nothing has changed.


  4. Just answer the questions. Many of them are required by the federal government and/or insurance companies. And they are necessary to provide proper care to the patient. An example I learned of at work today: Patient had a routine annual visit in our office on 10/23. The nurse gets all those “annoying” questions answered and verifies the patient’s medications. The patient returned to our office on 11/2 for a different type of appointment and the doc sent a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy. The nurse at this visit neglected to verify the patient’s meds, most likely because the patient had been in the office very recently. Today, the pharmacy called to report that the med our doc prescribed cannot be taken with another med the patient is on, which was prescribed by her cardiologist on 10/30. Not only could the patient have had a serious drug interaction, but this created more work for the doctor, pharmacist, etc. There are safeguards in place, but they are useless if the doctors and pharmacists do not have accurate information. In this particular case, the nurse was at fault for not soliciting that information, but the same thing could have happened with an ornery patient who just refuses to answer the same questions he was asked at his last appointment.

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  5. I posted it to my Facebook page earlier today. These unwritten rules are ingrained in the minds of serious kitchen folk, and understood by experienced service staff. Unfortunately in most restaurants in the Capital District, the kitchens are not staffed by a team of serious cooks and the level of unprofessional behavior and preparedness is passed on to the customer in the former of a poor quality meal.


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