It’s Over, Johnny

Pharoatoga, over.

Track season, unofficially over (not too many people go after Travers weekend).

Travers night, always a letdown.

Two! Yes two ten-top reservations cancelled late. Typical.

Referring to the veal chop, according to a server, a customer said “oh, I couldn’t eat a baby cow. I’ll have the lamb.”

Yes, I’m drinking bourbon as I write.

Washington County Fair tomorrow. Tractors and animals for Tate, Rides for Stella. No corn dogs, they’re nasty.

Got through the season, now I can get this hernia attended to.

I was a manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods at Crossgates Mall many years ago. One day a guy brings in a pair of hiking boots to return that were well-worn with a sole that had detached from the upper. I took them back without question. The next day he returned and asked for me. He explained he was sending some winter gear to Kosovo and had $5000 to spend, and since I was so fair with him the day before, he wanted to spend it in my department. Moral of the story: Treat people well today, they may treat you well tomorrow. Or something like that. This has nothing to do with the theme of this post.

An awful lot of people jumped on the America Pharoah  bandwagon. This is Saratoga, the premier thoroughbred track in America.    We have acted like we expected to host this now former champion. Instead we acted like we’ve never seen a champion before. When you reach the end zone, act like you’ve been there before. It was hokey.

I don’t like Big Bird.

I once showed up to work at one of the first restaurants I worked at, and there was an Auction sign on the front lawn. the owner told me not to worry about it.

All words prior were written on Saturday night, I’m resuming now, on Monday morning. I’m not drinking bourbon, I’m drinking coffee.

The Washington County Fair was depressing in many ways.  How is it that so many people who clearly don’t have any desire to wear a clean shirt, don’t have teeth, and can barely utter the English language yet have the means to buy thousands of dollars worth of tattoos?

The longest line was for Bloomin’ Onions.

9-year-old girls should not weigh 180 lbs. I’m guessing she was about 9, but her face was obscured by the hub cap sized fried dough.

I saw at least 6 (young) people on motorized scooters such as Hoverounds carrying 64 oz. Mountain Dew drink cups. I also saw one guy maneuvering one while balancing 4 chili dogs and a Bucket-O-Fries. Yes, there was cheese on the fries.

Te kids had a great time, plenty of rides, plenty of sunshine, and plenty of walking.  They are too young to see what I see and realize we’re in trouble.

6 thoughts on “It’s Over, Johnny

  1. I hope there was gravy on those fries too. Because cheese fries without gravy is a totally rookie move. Or maybe the fellow was trying to be moderate.

    Oh, and I also felt like a jerk after Travers cancelling my reservation for two late in the day. I totally underestimated the toll that ten hours at the track would take on my body. When it was done all I wanted to do was take a shower and lie down. And I wasn’t even drinking all day in the sun. One beer and plenty of shade. Clearly I’m either getting old or soft. Really, it’s probably a combination of the two.

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  2. Daniel, your cancellation make sense. What happens with large parties after big events like graduation and The Travers is that post event the group gets together, having made reservations at several places, decides where to go, leaving the other couple of spots hanging. It’s an asshole move, and too common.


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