How’s it Going?

For those of you that have not worked in the food service industry that has a season like Saratoga’s track season, I assure you that it is very difficult but manageable if you’re prepared, and ready to accept it for what it is.

The opening week starts on Thursday, the day before opening day at “da track.”  I say da track because most of the people who ask directions to the race track have a New Jersey or downstate accent which includes the inability to fully pronounce the common words in their native language.  It’s common to have someone pull their lo-end Mercedes-Benz over as you’re walking down the street and ask “yo buddy, you know da way to da track?”  My desired replies are “smart phone,” “yes, I do” (and keep walking). but I just simply give them directions to the harness track

Plaza is an Italian word for “contains Chinese takeout.”

I really do not care if American Pharaoh comes to Saratoga.

Children sitting at a bar. Really?

The new house is coming together nicely, and I don’t mind the drive home.

If you’ve made a reservation for a large party then the respectful thing to do is show up on time.

I’ll be doing Doner Kebab at The Saratoga Food and Wine Festival.

If friends make life more difficult for you and the people around you, then perhaps they’re not your friends.

When you give someone a job to do, you need to provide the resources for them to do that job to the best of their ability, otherwise you’re setting them up for either complete or partial failure. No one wants to fail.

You put a few under-fed roosters in a pen then you’re surprised when they fight.

What should an atheist say when someone sneezes?

I have some very good friends that don’t work in the restaurant business.  I don’t go to work to make friends, I go to fulfill the requirements of my position as best I can. If you hang out with your subordinates it gives them the opportunity to not be very good at their job if they so choose.

Track season is progressing as I thought it would, and will finish as I think it will. I’m sure of it.

I was recently asked by a server how old our 4 year aged (printed on the menu) Grafton cheddar is.

There are people who will support you when you have something to offer them, and disappear when you don’t.

Good chefs with high standards will keep those standards when its busy night after night. Bad chefs just want to “get through it” by having minimal standards of quality.  I ain’t the latter.  If demanding the same standards makes me an asshole, so be it. I have a job to do, and I want to do it well  for myself, for my employer, and ultimately for the customers.

I found that the first “More or Less” post wasn’t understood by everyone.  Some things listed I would like to see more of,  some I’d like to see less of. You decide what I may be thinking.

Traffic. People during track season who need to order things not on the menu. Air conditioning. Information. Time off. Attention to detail.  Cars in crosswalks.  Self indulgence.  Caring. Understanding of what I do. Red Sox wins. Respect for others. People showing up for reservations. Planning. Foresight.  Follow through. American Pharaoh pleads. Looking needy. Celebrity. Amazing. New stuff. Smart people. Focus. Facebook. Mediocrity. Ass kissing. Tradition. Good use of Facebook. Accountability. Self awareness. Taking advantage of things that are free, and easy to do. Ability, and desire to carry more than two plates. Pretenders. Tractor pulls. Reality shows. Selfies in the bathroom mirror. Selfies period.

Final thoughts:  The restaurant business is very difficult.  Most people reading this blog have some understanding of that and I don’t really need to explain what we go through.

4 thoughts on “How’s it Going?

  1. Love your blog and am happy you’ve found a good way to blow off steam. You’ve asked some questions and deserve answers. Here are the ones I feel comfortable answering.

    If you’re going to bring your dog to dinner on a patio, bring a water bowl. Why in the world would you expect the restaurant to supply a bowl?

    Blame this one on your competitors. My dog is always offered water. I wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t (because I always have water and bowl with me), but they always offer.

    Children sitting at a bar. Really?

    Time to make a menu of very delicious and high priced NA drinks.

    What should an atheist say when someone sneezes?

    I bless you.



  2. Excellent use of ain’t. There’s nothing wrong with ain’t as long as it’s used correctly. Grammar nazis may scoff, but what other possible contraction is there for ‘am not’? Cheers.


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