Saratoga Summer Part I

I know, it’s been a long time.

I’ve been very busy.   Rolled out a Summer menu, moved to Schuylerville, took on some outside projects.

Saratoga is about to be visited by a lot of black SUVs with New Jersey plates.  Many of them will have no regard for crosswalks.

Keep in mind, the people in the hospitality are working hard for you.

I stopped out for a beer last Saturday after work and sat at the bar for 10 minutes while the young lady “tending” the bar talked to her friends. I got up and walked out without getting served.  I suggest talking to your friends outside of work if their presence keeps you from doing your job.

The Summer menu is in full swing, and I’m happy to report that the grilled sardines are selling well.

Sean does a great job.

I find that I have more spirited “incidences of disagreement” with those people at work that work hard and do a really good job.

Crystal also does a good job.

Perry Mason just used the word compunction. I don’t hear that one too often.

Hunt and Fish Club @Siro’s . Out-of-towners here to make a quick buck off of other out-of-town here to spend a quick buck. I have plenty to say about this, keep reading.  Carpetbaggers.

I say carpetbaggers because the price comparison to the same dishes on their NYC menu.  NYC price/Saratoga price. Burnt Lemon Chicken 29/36, Halibut 32/46, Ribeye 58/65. See a trend here?  In this case I’d rather pay what some folks call New York prices.

Sometimes you have to go against policy and just say what needs saying.

The difference between this season and last season is that I’m not in pain. I’m just sore. I have no plans for surgery on the other foot after this season.

If you have no plans to drive, then don’t operate a cab. If you have no plans to give good customer service, then don’t work in the hospitality business.

I do however have plans for the post season.

I have a 14oz pasture raised veal chop on my current menu for $38 that’ll knock your socks off.

A far higher percentage of diners ask for bread and butter/olive oil during track season than any other time of year.

I get far more special orders during August than any other month.

Everyone wants to eat dinner at the same time, but they don’t want to wait for their food.

My menu is designed for speed, we’ll do our best.

Have a great summer everyone. I’ll really try to keep up with this blog.