More or Less

People driving with little concern for others.  People commenting on blogs that have a valid point relevant to the topic.  Ads for restaurants I used to work for with pictures of food I cooked.   Hockey.  Soccer.   The Red Sox losing.  Career restaurant servers.   Educated criticism.   Ethnic food in Saratoga.   Food trucks in Saratoga.  People commenting on blogs that have no point and are off topic.   Good, innovative sushi in Saratoga.  Salad dressing choices. Mexican food in Saratoga.   Cell phones in restaurants.  Restaurant menus with dishes I did when I worked there.  Properly cooked pasta.  Chefs with blogs.  Italian-American restaurants.  Vegans.  Free Beer.  Dogs downtown.  Cats.  Chefs with clogs.  Offal on menus.  Portuguese food. Good sandwiches in Saratoga.  Black rhinos.  Vacations.  Boutiques.  Perry Mason episodes.  Processed food. All you can eat buffets.  Demand for better food.  Artisan foods.  Bourbon glazed salmon.  Real tapas bars.  Good olive oil used.  Educated consumers.  Phones that don’t die at about the time you’re eligible for a new one.  Pizza.  Good pizza.  Salesmen.  Culinary graduates.  Apprentices.  Variety in Chinese, Indian, and sushi take-out.  Margarine.  Control for qualified chefs.  Scratch cooking.  Honesty.  Fresh, current menus.  Well-made cocktails.  Vision.  Stagnation. Winnie The Pooh, and Tigger too.  Butter.  Customers who buy drinks for the chef.  Sazeracs in my life.  Foie gras.  Duck egg pasta.  Corn dogs.  Quinoa.  Yellow Tail.  Opportunities.  Time.  Money.  Compassion. Commitment to a task.  SYSCO trucks.  People knowing where their food came from.  People who know what needs doing.  People who do what needs doing without being asked.  Going to the movies.  People using their real names when they comment on blogs.  People commenting on blogs with two different names from the same URL and email address.  People trying to fool me.  Black SUVs from New Jersey in Saratoga during the summer.  Planning. Accountability.




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