I’m Back. Some Stuff Has Happened. Some Stuff Will Happen.

I have been pretty busy getting my new menu done and ready to be rolled out, and I’ve been focusing my energy on getting back into the swing of working every day that I’ve neglected this blog for a bit. I’m back in the kitchen with the Spring menu in place, so now I can get back to writing down some of my feeble thoughts.

When you put the order in as a sea bass and a haddock, we cook a sea bass and a haddock. When the person who gets the haddock really ordered a steak, do you clear both dishes so both diners can eat together? I think so, but it would be best to ask them what they would like to do. Either way, their experience was not what they had hoped for. The names (of the fish) have been changed to protect the guilty.

I recently looked up the lists of Rising Star Chefs from the past few years’  Food and Wine Festival for the Arts in Albany. Some have risen beautifully, some have fallen.  This chef business is not an easy job, no matter what your potential. It has taken me many years to find myself in this business.

Please wait to be seated.

I do not put cream in my risotto.

Jack’s Oyster House just got a 1½ star review.  That’s sad.  I guess if you’re making money, who cares, it’s a business before all else.  I’ve heard grumbling that Jack’s received special treatment by reviewer Susie Davidson Powell by making two visits, and Senior Editor Steve Barnes making several trips to justify the tone of the review.  You stay open for over 100 years and you’ll get well deserved special treatment too.

I’ve been doing some consulting work, which I’m really enjoying.  If there’s one thing I have, it’s an opinion, generally based on 18 years of experience in this business.

It got a little busy on Saturday night, I was happy to be doing what I do.  I’m looking forward to doing more of it in the future.

I swore off bourbon a while ago, and was sticking to it until someone gave me a bottle two months ago, I just finished it last night. While I have not fully quit, the pace has slowed down from a bottle per week to a bottle in two months. I have plan or desire to buy another bottle.

I have some irons in the fire. Not everyone has irons, and some people have no fire. It’s nice to have both.

I’m happy, the foie gras tortelloni is selling well.

Thank you to The Wine Bar for supporting me in many ways through my foot surgery.

When you’re in the process of buying a house, the credit card offers come in the mail at an alarming rate.

Thank you to my kitchen staff for pulling some extra weight in my absence. We will all be better as a result.

I understand that Eric Ripert was in Saratoga yesterday.

“Looking for a chef that can multi task must be. Able. To cook breakfast and knowledge of all gravy’s ,soups making daily specials cooking comfort foods.”  This a job description from a Craigslist ad.  Who do you think they’ll attract?

As Spring gets into full swing in Saratoga, and the patios are being finished, some restaurants are getting their chalkboard out. Not everyone is complying with the new regulations that say you cannot just stick it in the middle of the sidewalk.

Every snippet has a specific purpose.

Don’t believe everything you read.

The Red Sox have a horrible pitching staff so far.  That, you can believe.



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