Dizzy Snippets

I have vertigo. It really adds to the recovery from foot surgery.  Yesterday I stepped on my own toe while walking.

While waiting for results of a blood work the other day, Jenn and I ate at Panera in Wilton as it’s  within walking distance of my doctor’s office.  It was packed with ladies, and the food was pathetic.  A sandwich pretending to be grilled on one side, and soggy on the other, and a bowl of salty broth pretending to be chicken noodle soup.

Excerpt from a Craigslist ad for a chef’s position: Accepting resumes for Executive Chef position. Candidates not submitting a resume will not be considered. Two (2) years’ experience in hands-on food preparation…….  Minimum of two years experience and you too can be an Executive Chef.  That, my friends, is what we call an issue.

Niçoise salad with bok choy and Cajun aioli.  That too is an issue.  Yes, that’s something I saw locally.

I went back to work Wednesday, sort of.  I opened the kitchen, made bread, and did a few hours of prep.  I fell asleep on the couch after dinner and woke up sore. Gotta get back into kitchen shape.

Anyone see the freezing rain and snow this week?  That, my friends is why I don’t feel compelled to roll out a Spring menu based on the calendar.

I don’t have many friends, but I do have a lot of acquaintances.  I suspect the reality is that most people over-estimate how many friends they have.

Great article by Steve Barnes.  http://blog.timesunion.com/tablehopping/47535/women-chefs/

The trend towards the restaurant kitchen being a professional setting is arriving late to the Capitol Region.  I welcome it, late or not.  I believe more women will be drawn to our area kitchens as we do away with the kitchen being the home of misfits who are unemployable elsewhere.  I welcome that too.

The meat consumed by the most people in the world is goat.  The most consumed meat in the world is pork.

Who’s ready to take a chance, do something creative, new, and different?  I am.

Sometimes people still ask for mint jelly, no matter what the preparation of lamb is.  It’s zombie like, “eating lamb, must have mint jelly.”

Listening to your customers is important.  Listening to your non-customers is more important.

Jenn and I finally went to Mio Posto, the little gem run by chef/owner Danny Urschel here in Saratoga.  We get out alone so infrequently that anything is a treat.  When the meal was as enjoyable as the tasting menu the talented chef prepared for us, it’s an especially memorable occasion. One word of caution:  Danny is an avid Yankees fan, so to keep evil spirits at bay, wear a Red Sox tee-shirt under a sweater to keep safe.

Trust me, if a pasta dish calls for cheese, I’ll put it on.

I was asked recently to report what my choice would be for a last meal.  How the Hell do you have an appetite knowing it’s your last meal?

Being out of work makes it tough to tell stories about life in the restaurant kitchen, glad this is almost over. I’ll do a couple of days next week, then enough the following week to roll out a new menu.

Apparently today is National Sibling day.


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