Snippets of Current Events, Trends, and Observations

Why are the same restaurants hiring all the time? Yes, I read Craigslist all the time as entertainment.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

I haven’t been bowling in years.

There’s a sucker born every minute.

We have a chain restaurant coming to Broadway in the middle of downtown Saratoga.

The merger between Sysco and US Foods is out, at least for now. I really couldn’t care less either way. I don’t use either one, and likely never will. As for the rest of you, you are on your own.

Kale is out, cauliflower is in apparently. I’ve been using both for years.

Tipped employees will go from $5.00 per hour to $7.50 per hour next year. When a dishwasher making $9.00 per hour asks me why he can’t have a raise I’ll have to explain to him that we need to pay the tipped employees more. The political geniuses that came up with that can feel good about themselves, and that’s what’s important. I suppose what they’re thinking might be, “We would actually prefer to appear as if we were helping people rather than actually helping people.”

My new policy for 2016: Tip less and buy a round of premium beers for the kitchen.  That doesn’t include diners and the like.

ESPN reports in a headline that Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees hit a home run off an 88 mph fastball in a Spring training game.  Luke Montz, a minor leaguer in the Red Sox organization also hit one, but that wasn’t mentioned.

Good luck in your new gig, AJ.

An 88 mph fastball is batting practice speed.

Sonic is coming to the Capital Region. Do they have anything new and special to offer the area? People seem excited about this. I’ve never been to a Sonic, and chances are will never go.

The National Restaurant Association reports that the demand for gluten-free options is on the decline. Last year it was ranked as the #5 trend, this year it’s ranked at #16.

The top three trends are locally sourced meat and fish, locally sourced produce, and sustainability.

The Sox beat the Yankees today. That will be a trend this year.

I will talk about the Red Sox often, as I will see/listen to about 150 of their games this season.  I do get the live feed to my laptop, and I do have a bit of space in the kitchen for said laptop.

A spring lamb stew might be nice on the menu. I’d call it a daube Provençal however to justify the price.

Duck rillettes, duck liver pâtè, and duck prosciutto may very well be the charcuterie selections this Spring. That way I can buy whole ducks plus extra livers and have plenty of bones for stock, and skin for smoked cracklings.  Some weekend I’ll get some duck eggs and make duck egg pasta and use said cracklings for duck carbonara.

I haven’t really been able to cook much the last few weeks, hopefully next week I can manage something when our friend Tom is in town.

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