I Quit, What I Miss, What I Don’t Miss, and Surgery Update

I Quit:

Having tolerance for others that do not want to achieve at the same level that I do.  Successful people surround themselves with like-minded people.

Bourbon and Rye. I was averaging three or four drinks per day. That’s too much.  I’ve had three drinks since February 16th, all beer.

Accepting a ceiling.  If there’s a ceiling I’ll punch through and build stairs.

Producing food that’s “good enough.”  The food scene in the Capital District has improved, good enough will not be enough to compete.  What’s happening in Troy is intriguing to me, there’s a new wave of restaurant owners that are allowing chefs to be chefs.  Those of us that have been cooking for a public that has accepted less than our best need to be on notice.  I see your bar, and I raise you a bar.

Refined sugar. This one will take me a while as I have a sweet-tooth.

Being in a position where I cannot thrive.

Facebook during work hours.


Trying to have an intelligent and informed discussion with idiots and know-it-alls on various blogs.

I Miss:

The dinner rush.

The Turkish inspired lamb duo from the current menu.

Making extra duck-fat fries so I can eat some.

Bourbon and Rye.

Most of the people at work.

The pizza at The Wine Bar.




I Don’t Miss:

Gluten free.

Fake vegetarians.

Surgery Update:

The bunion/heel spur surgery went well and recovery is slow but sure.  I am not too mobile yet so I’m still quite dependent on Jenn for help. She’s been wonderful and  generally patient.

I’ve been home with the kids this past week and they have run (wheeled) me ragged. It’s like they know they have a physical advantage over me and are making the most of it. One saving grace is that 2 year-old Tate has discovered how to use the mouse and surf  PBS kids for games and YouTube for Old MacDonald videos. Normally I wouldn’t like a child to sit in front of the computer for an hour playing Peg+Cat games but it keeps him under wraps.  This works well until Stella decides it’s her turn.

I did get my stitches out yesterday and was given the go-ahead for a shower. I expected that not having showered since February 18th that a shower would be luxurious.  Not so.  Having one of those old people tubs with the little door would have been a huge help. Also, standing on one foot for a shower is pretty difficult. I need a waterproof chair for the next one.

Spring Menu Sneak Preview:

Five lily soup with sherry gastrique and smoked paprika.

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