Food Pictures

PicsArt_1414670235488PicsArt_1406511914879 PicsArt_1406511852264

I could eat pizza almost every day. First is Spicy ground lamb, olives, feta, and fresh mint.  Second is chorizo picante, Manchego, and shishito peppers.  Next is mozzarella, Old Chatham Camembert, Berkshire blue, porcini mushrooms, black truffles, eggs. Not sure what I’ll do for spring, but I’m thinking ramps.

IMG_20131130_163315_883-1-1 IMG_209406759535463

To this day I do not understand bread making, but I seem to get lucky sometimes.

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I do understand pasta making.

1418969207939 1417445772927 PicsArt_1406512029963

1) Boar Bolognese. 2) Duck confit and mushroom ragu. 3) mushrooms, asparagus, poached egg.

PicsArt_1405435669970 PicsArt_1401766376450-1 PicsArt_1412219465642

1) Carbonara 2)Parisean gnocchi with black pepper sabayon, fava beans, chantrelles, and asparagus. 3)Lamb Bolognese with yogurt, olives, and mint.

PicsArt_1406513200732 PicsArt_14037401927531384386522535

It’s taken me a long time to get good at seafood plates. I think I do ok now.  1) Seared Ahi tuna on eggplant caponata with capers, lemon oil, and celery leaf. 2) Grilled fresh-water prawn, grilled artichokes, gigante beans with tomato and dill. 3) Swordfish in tomato-orange broth, fingerling potatoes, olives.

PicsArt_1388071390796 PicsArt_1384974119370 IMG_20131129_152644_742

Beets and onions,  Roasted cauliflower,  Potatoes poached in rendered bone marrow.

PicsArt_1384733324018 IMG_20131112_172954_139 PicsArt_1412531453812

Duck, duck, elk. Sorry, no goose.

PicsArt_1404610036850-1 Paella-1 IMG_20140429_172509_856-1

Clams with chorizo and cilantro and garlic, Paella, Lobster bordelaise.

PicsArt_1412301759733-1 1420075117931-1, PicsArt_1412648595750

Offal:  Duck liver pâté with pistachio butter, fig jam, and fresh fig.  Potato crusted sweetbreads, spinach with raisins, mustard gastrique, pine nuts.  Prime strip steak, duck fat fries, veal jus, bone marrow aioli.


I’m not a baker. My tarte tatin.

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