The Good ,The Bad, The Ugly, and Snippets

The Good:  Congratulations to Yono’s for being named a semifinalist for a James Beard Award. These things don’t just happen, years of hard work go into an honor like this

That post has 2 comments so far.  A post just after that on the same blog about a woman breast-feeding her baby at a Golden Corral has over 80 comments so far.  A post about Chick-fil-a coming to the area has over 100.  This tells me something.

The Bad:  A new friend and inspiration has suffered a terrible tragedy.  Many of us in the restaurant family are heartbroken.

The Ugly:   On Wednesday a wedge was cut from my bone and my big toe was put back with a screw where it belongs.  A heel spur was also taken care of.

Leading up to my surgery I’ve had numerous blood (and other) tests. As it turns out I have high blood pressure, stage 2 kidney disease (CKD), high cholesterol, and am on the doorstep of diabetes.  All of this is either controllable or reversible. There are big changes in my life to be made.

I’ll miss bourbon.

Some things I hope to accomplish while I’m out of work:  Read all the articles I’ve been saving. Take up the banjo.  Paint our kitchen table red.  Write a great Spring menu.  Quit drinking so much.  Experiment with some of Chef David Britton’s new products he gave me to try and give him feedback.  Have dinner at Mio Posto.  Sleep.  Plan a pop-up with some chef friends.

Most chefs and cooks are chefs and cooks in real life. Most servers are things other than servers in real life.

Modern cooking equipment.

Something I hope to avoid while out of work:  Sloth.

I’ve been asked to show some food pictures. Therefore an all photo post is coming soon.  Here’s one to make us think of Summer.


Randal Putnam, I’ve put a new vegan dish on The Wine Bar menu. Moroccan winter vegetable stew with turmeric rice.

My mother was telling me about a trip to an Italian restaurant in Schenectady last week.  She said the veal parm was hanging over the plate.  This may be why many bellies are hanging over people’s belts. We’ve got to get some control.  Myself included.

We just eat and drink too much.

Old things need updating from time to time.

It’s much easier to write on bourbon than it is on pain-killers.

When you’re in a medical facility everyone you come in contact with asks you the same questions. Most commonly “what are you having done today?” When the surgical nurse asks you it’s time to be concerned.

I really wish I had not decided on my genitals as an opening topic of conversation as I was coming out of anesthesia.

I’m sure the recovery room staff has heard a lot of funny things.

Less protein, more vegetables this Spring.

Parisian gnocchi with tarragon and Dijon, carrot sabayòn, chanterelles, asparagus, chervil, chives.

No goofy “plays” on this, or “twists” on that.

Isn’t giving you chopsticks with an Asian inspired dish in an American restaurant getting old?

I said in an earlier post that 2015 was going to be big for me. It really is. Major changes are on the way.

7 thoughts on “The Good ,The Bad, The Ugly, and Snippets

  1. Perhaps there are other reasons behind the lack of commentary on Yono’s James Beard nomination than the ones that immediately pop into your mind. Good luck with the lifestyle changes.

    I’ve found, at least in winter, that some good red tea makes a reasonable substitute for bourbon when writing. Certainly it’s better to write on tea than it is to write on painkillers.

    Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daniel, I’ve thought of many reasons why there’s such a discrepancy in the number of comments from one post to another.
    Also, I’m done with the pain killers, pills scare me and I’m fairly comfortable with ibuprofen every six hours or so.

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  3. Dominic, thank you for the menu addition! I am going to try to get north to enjoy it, but I am more or less tied to home. My old dog has stopped producing tears and requires hourly lubricating drops and other meds three times a day. All aimed at restarting her tears, healing corneal ulcers and saving her vision. It has been about a month now. Terribly hard to witness her discomfort, but our friend/vet still has hope to sort this so no rush to the end for lovely Frida. All this doesn’t mean I can’t arrange a solo voyage with my wife caring for Frida (but then I’d feel like, perhaps even be, an a hole).

    I have had hallux limitus in my right big toe for 15 years. Waiting for it to hurt badly enough to get the surgery that I believe you just underwent. You are brave. Yours must have been bad. I understand the recovery is long and hard. Best wishes to you.

    Your toe and my dog will resolve. When they do, I will visit your place and hope to be lucky enough to buy you a drink. Just one. Lacey, my wife, and I love bourbon, too!

    Cheers to you!


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