More of those Snippets

Who’s jumping on the bone broth bandwagon?


There’s a difference between learning a few ingredients and learning how and why a dish is put together in a particular way. Once you learn about the relationship between ingredients you can truly think about the possibilities.

Don’t just memorize the words, but understand them.

A reservation for 2 made on-line for Valentine’s Day asks for the best table in the house. Since most reservations have already been made, and since we all have varied ideas what a great table is, I would say it’s a crap shoot for this lovely couple.  Wherever they sit, they’ll get my best.

Before I go on a 6-8 week leave for foot surgery, I’m going to make a few menu changes.  My sous chef Patrick will execute the menu flawlessly.

Isn’t bone broth just hipster meat stock.

Sometimes people ask how I can make a vegetarian dish so delicious. I tell them I cook everything in bacon fat. Then they nervously grin, for a moment, as I look them in the eye without blinking.

If you have a job, do that job to the best of your ability whether you think you are meant for that job or not.

RIP Purple Lady, it was a pleasure to serve you.

Senator Poopie Paws, we do need to wash our hands.  By the way Thom Tillis, Tom is spelled T-O-M

I’m heading down to The Shop in Troy as soon as I can. The menu looks good and the chef has a great attitude towards cooking.

I’ll bring Jenny with me. She’s good company.

I do not recommend R&S linen service.

I do not ever watch The Grammy’s or pay any attention to pop culture, so Kanye West doesn’t bother me.  What’s annoying is the constant complaining about Kanye West. Ignore him and he’ll go away.

Wednesday February 11th will be my last pasta night for a while, so I’m making some special things.

I had my pre-opp physical yesterday. Good to go.

I’m watching Conan while writing this crap.  A Burger King commercial just played and they told me I can get 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49. I was thinking that a good Conan bit would be food or not food. Conan and Andy could discuss whether something was food or not.  Actually sounds more like a Letterman bit, if he still had funny bits.

Valentine’s Day is one of the least difficult dinner services of the year, tables of two can be rattled off by any good kitchen with the greatest of ease.

Valentine’s Day is difficult for the service staff.  Instead of a few larger tables, they have a bunch of smaller tables.

This blog is approaching its 8000th view,  more than I expected after a few months.

With a 6-8 week stretch of no working I will be able to write some longer, more in-depth pieces.  One thing I’d like to explore a theory by David Chang that we chefs in America have no connection to original recipes like true ramen. I think he does suggest that we are starting our own tradition.  Are we right now at the dawn of the American culinary tradition? I believe we are, and perhaps we can call Thomas Keller the father of that tradition.

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