Snippets III

I think I’m going to put bread and butter on the spring menu. Of course, I’ll make the butter from great fresh local cream. Perhaps some ramp jelly too.

I spent a great deal of my time making chowder last week, not necessarily the best use of my time. Business is business and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

We did not run out of chowder this year.

My next splurge is going to be Eleven Madison Park, Daniel Humm’s plates are flawless. So simply complex.

I believe that the best way to have a great kitchen is to be in your kitchen cooking great food every day. Everything else is a distraction.

Yes, we made actual chowder, so did 15 Church.

I would love to learn the banjo. I’d join a band and play Foggy Mountain Breakdown every day.

How do we get people to not need large plates of food?  Small plates look so much better and a large portion of food is monotonous to eat. As a chef I would rather show you my talent across the board, not just one dish to fill you up. 

I wanted to be a third baseman when I was a kid, too bad I’m left-handed.

If I had my own restaurant I don’t think I’d have full entreés. Not necessarily tasting menus, but I wouldn’t let you out without trying some stuff and being social.

Lefties are more creative, from what I hear.

I have very little musical talent.

My all-time favorite baseball player is Brooks Robinson.

There were a lot of intoxicated people at Chowderfest.

Olive Garden has 4 courses for $12.99. Can it possibly be food?

Some people will spend their time on the internet arguing with anonymous strangers about whether or not Velveeta sucks.

While I write these tidbits I’m watching a movie called August Rush.

I pitched 1 inning of organized baseball.  It was during my last game in the Babe Ruth league. It was a 1-2-3 inning. Apparently 11,12, and 13 year-old’s can’t hit a 60 mph fastball mixed in with a 30 mph looping curveball.

I can remember the starting lineup for the 1966 Baltimore Orioles that swept the Dodgers in the World Series.

I often forget to take out the recycling bin.

6 thoughts on “Snippets III

  1. I agree about large plates, and I love when I can have apps and/or soups and/or salads and/or small plates so I can try a range of offerings without overeating. Too bad restaurants don’t always make it easy to order a balanced meal that way without overspending. Maybe offer a special trio of smaller plates designed to be eaten in courses at a special price. With wine pairings, of course!!!

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  2. Zena, I think area restaurant owners are afraid to make that move, even most places that offer small plates, even places that claim to be tapas centered still offer large entrées. I would love to do it. A series of smaller items at either a fixed price, or a la carte can still satisfy a large appetite. It’s the difference between eating and dining.


  3. Dominic – there’s a good review in the NYTimes of Cosme that you might want to look at, mostly for this excerpt:

    “The menu, in fact, isn’t a lot of help when it comes to suggesting how to put together a meal. Servers will suggest sharing about three dishes for each person at the table. Follow this advice, and you will not go hungry; unlike many chefs, Mr. Olvera takes the trouble to plate food so that it divides easily. But you will pay for the experience. Cosme is an expensive restaurant, where dinner for two with dessert and wine can easily creep beyond $300.”

    I’m not sure if the link works but you can try it:


  4. LorreS,
    Special event dinners are generally a financial winner for restaurants because the chef knows exactly what is being served and how many portions so there’s no guesswork as opposed to a traditional dinner service where the kitchen doesn’t have exact information. One of my ideas is to open a restaurant called 12, it would be one table with 12 seats and dinner would be served at 7:30 Wed-Sat. 1 chef that serves, 1 server that cooks, and 1 dishwasher. Simple and fun.


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