Afternoon Thoughts

Writing a menu in fancy script will not make the food better.

There’s nothing wrong from using some stuff off of a SYSCO truck. There is something wrong with using most stuff off of a SYSCO truck.

When I design a menu I do not think vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. I think about food I want to make and food that tastes good. I simply don’t feel responsible for people’s voluntary dietary restrictions.

Aside from the pizzas and hamburger, the majority of my current menu is gluten-free.

Don’t buy pre-made food, powdered demi glace, powdered hollandaise, put sriracha in Hellman’s mayonnaise, and throw soup base in things and tell me you’re cooking.

We need more cooks and fewer chefs.

I cook far more vegetarian friendly in the Spring and Summer.

I’m starting to get some Spring menu items on paper.

Soft-shell crabs are on paper.

The Issues with SYSCO and The Cost of Food  hopefully will publish tonight.

I couldn’t imagine spending a weekend getting my picture taken.

There’s a fine line between art and business.

You can have several flaws in your food and still be rated above average.

We’re going to look at a house later tonight,  it’s in Schuylerville.

I suppose big portions are back in style.

Houses in Schuylerville are much cheaper than in Saratoga.

I’m thinking about bone marrow hollandaise. I’m obsessed with bone marrow.

Facebook is free.

Have you checked out ?

After I retire I’ll tell you the dirtiest kitchen I’ve ever walked into. The owner didn’t care that it was filthy and the refrigeration was barely working.

Grappa 72 has an extremely clean kitchen.

I received zero violations on my most recent health inspection.

6 thoughts on “Afternoon Thoughts

  1. I feel a bit conflicted about calling people out on gross kitchens and poor business practices. This industry is held together with personal connections and word spreads quickly about gossip – true or not. This feels like fodder for a new post..


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