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It seems common to see “we use only the finest ingredients” on take-out pizza menus.

Oregon’s defensive line is porous.

Server comes into the kitchen Friday night. “Chef, I’ve got a vegetarian on 11 who wants to know what you can make her.”  Well, since she had to have a special dish made just for her, I told the server to have her treat the menu as a list of ingredients that I could put with some fresh pasta I had made. She did, I did and all seemed fine until she was eating a slice of the sausage and rapini pizza her dining companion had ordered.

I wish we had a bigger pizza oven, we can only do two at a time. We make very good pizza.


The new menu is doing well, everything is selling to my satisfaction.

I thought Oregon had an explosive offense.

There’s a difference between memorizing something and knowing something.

I’m thinking about a Spring menu already.

Tacos are coming back for WTF? (Wed, Thu, Fri) Happy Hour. This week we’ll have duck confit with hoisin and kimchee, crispy monkfish with spicy slaw, and ancho pork with black beans and cremé fraiche.

I haven’t made ravioli in a while, perhaps I’ll have time this week.

Yoga pants.

I eat a tremendous amount of eggs.

I recently had the best Manhattan  that I’ve ever had out.

Hand made orecchiette will be one of the selections for this week’s (Wednesday) pasta night.

I recently had the worst Manhattan I’ve ever had.

I make great Manhattans at home.

No, I do not like “vegetarians” in general.

I likely drink too many Manhattans.


9 thoughts on “Back to Snippets, I Guess

  1. people like that…ugh…one of my least favorite parts of this industry.

    I dont dislike vegetarians or cooking that way, it presents a new challenge and allows for a different kind of creativity and reward. I just dont like it on a friday night in the middle of service. Call ahead! Talk to the kitchen! Lots of stuff takes days of preparation!

    Its hard not to daydream about a spring menu in January when its all tubers and roots. Im very much looking forward to rhubarb and asparagus

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    • Randy,
      I’ll assume you’re a vegetarian and feel like I wouldn’t want you here. Nothing could be further from the truth. Please reread the post and think about it. What I want is for people who claim to have voluntarily restricted their diet to exclude meat to not ask for a special meal then eat sausage pizza. If you’ll notice, vegetarian is in quotes, meaning I don’t like those who make a big deal of their life choice only to be frauds. If someone requires a special meal then let the restaurant know ahead of time, the we’ll both be happy with what’s served. Contrary to the restaurant shows on TV, we do not just throw stuff together.

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      • Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t make the connection and was surprised that a chef would make that comment on a public blog. Good to know you were joking.

        Still, I spun through your menu and am pretty sure I’d have more fun elsewhere. I’ve been vegan for fifteen years, but you’d probably consider me a “vegan” because when I go somewhere for the first time or as someone’s guest or food arrives that isn’t 100% vegan, I eat it. I don’t want to be a pain or waste things. I also hate being hungry. Even worse to be hungry in a restaurant.

        I’m sick of calling ahead. Did so for the first five years, but was more or less trained to expect that it won’t be worth the effort. There was a five-year period in San Francisco where I’d end up with wild mushroom risotto every single time. It was always good and appreciated but I gave up. Whisky and french fries were more fun.

        I’ve also had one on one conversations with managers trying to convince them to offer more vegan chow. Two recent efforts have failed. One effort was Madison Pour House. I was their first customer and they were excited to know what they could do to make the place better. I asked for more vegan food and even offered to share menu ideas and recipes. Two years later… nothing. Another was Lou Bea’s pizza. I am a huge fan of Little Anthony’s because they have tons of vegan chow. Lou Bea’s is closer and I’ve heard good things about their pizzas. So I asked the owner to consider offering Diaya cheese on their pizzas. He was open to the idea but then told me his crust has egg. They offer three crusts (white, wheat and gluten free) and they all have egg. Maybe one could not have egg? I’ve read a lot of recipes for pizza crust and rarely run into eggs. Whatever. It was cool that he tried and I am very happy with Little Anthony’s.

        We’ve been around long enough, our numbers are high enough (and very many of us are sort of well off), that I’ve decided places that don’t have real options on the menu for us don’t want us there. I get it. It is a pain to cater to all the disparate tastes and there are so very many places in the area that take care of us. The scale tells me that between my cooking and the few restaurants we frequent, I am getting sufficient calories!

        One parting thought. Offered because your place and food seems awesome and I’d love to try it. Menus, including yours, do very well to take care of vegetarians, but not so well for vegans. I’ve never met a vegetarian that doesn’t enjoy vegan food. If half of your vegetarian items were or could be vegan, you’d keep your vegetarian customers happy and gain vegan customers. An icon on the menu next to things that can be veganized goes a long way with me. We’ve been neglected in most joints for so long that just seeing the word vegan on a menu makes me misty.

        Thanks again for your thoughtful reply. No hard feelings whatsoever. Happy cooking!

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