Short Stuff

I respect someone’s personal choice to be a vegan, but I do not respect them when they show up to a packed dining room on New Year’s Eve at 7:30 and want to know what I can do for them. Since there are some vegan items on the menu, and since I know nothing about them and what they might like, I find it very difficult to prepare a special menu when I’m elbow deep in other tables. In the future, call ahead, let me know you’re coming in for dinner and we can have a conversation and be able to put something  together that we’ll both be happy with.

When I present a new menu, and give the servers a detailed menu guide several days prior to the launch, and make myself available for further questions, I get very irritated when one comes into the kitchen during service two days after the launch to ask which of the three desserts we offer are gluten-free.

The highlight of this quiet Friday night was cooking for a couple that came in late, after the kitchen was cleaned up, and a minute or two into my shift beer. They had just driven three hours from NYC and were looking for a meal. As I stood at the stove cooking their much-needed dinner I said to myself “this is what I do.” They said everything was perfect. It was for both of us.

I still want a dog.

The new lamb dish is spectacular.

Chowderfest is coming up. There’s one thing I dislike more than Restaurant Week and it’s Chowderfest. I have no interest in winning as I’m more interested in the day-to-day operation of the restaurant. Chowderfest is a waste of my energy, and my time is better spent doing things to improve my kitchen.

I’m gonna make a taco feast at home on Sunday. I’ll likely eat eight tacos.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to have foot surgery soon. I need both feet done but cannot have them both done at one time so I’ve been trying to determine which one hurts worse. It switches from day-to-day. Today the left food was pretty bad.

I am thankful for the support from other bloggers. I have received useful advice, encouragement, and exposure.

I am a tremendously competitive. Except in obligatory food festivals.

I sometimes think about opening up a high-end dining counter so I can cook and serve.  This would eliminate the need for servers.

Great, I’m doing a snippets bit. Completely unintentional.  I intend to find my way in this blogging thing.

I find there are chefs and restaurants doing some work with smoke and mirrors. Keep it real. More in 15 years.

Maybe 12.

As I think about the career I’ve had, I’m not satisfied. I spent too much time fucking around. I’ve been working hard on righting that ship. 2015 is gonna be big for me as I’m taking a real run at something great.


2 thoughts on “Short Stuff

  1. Agreed re., food contests, although raising $$$ for the food bank is honorable, eating mac n’ cheese in the company of 2499 others doesn’t interest me. ( I make a great home mac but it’s probably not frilly enough for consideration, so I won’t submit a recipe either. Instead, I’ll make myself an entire casserole of the stuff I love and eat it with a friend or two. And a beer or two. Maybe a tomato.


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