Twas the week before Christmas

On Monday we had a group in for a 5 course tasting menu and wine pairings. They confirmed the number several days prior to be 9 regular people and one vegetarian. At 5:00, about an hour before the event they confirmed the number to be 8 regular people, no vegetarian. 11 people showed up. I have no idea where the vegetarian is, likely too ill to attend.

On Tuesday we had a book club meeting of 10 people downstairs with the promise of perhaps some cheese. They all ordered dinner. No big deal.

On Wednesday I picked up a can of anchovies so I could make puttanesca for a pasta night special. I had enough left IMG_369241526673615to make an anchovy and pickled hot pepper pizza tonight. Damn thing is burning a hole in my chest right now. I’m trying to put the fire out with bourbon.

On Thursday we had a group of a promised 40 people, so I prepared for 40 people. The servers gave me a head-count of 25. The staff ate well that night.

On Friday I did a private catering for a very dear old friend. I have catered his annual Christmas party since 1987. At its peak 10-15 years ago it was 100-120 people in his house, and consisted of three full dinner courses on rented china. We were much younger then. This year there were about 80 people who enjoyed the 3 stews and 3 soups that I prepared with Jenny.  Lamb stew, duck and cabbage stew, seafood and sausage stew, wild mushroom and barley soup, curried root vegetable soup, and creamy cauliflower soup. People still stand in doorways no matter how many time you pass through with hot food.

Saturday was regular, except for that anchovy and hot pepper pizza burning in my chest.

Tomorrow we go look for some stuff at Huck Finn’s Warehouse.

One thought on “Twas the week before Christmas

  1. Dominic – I talk a little bit about tasting menus and cancelled or altered reservations in my most recent post. Its a fascinating subject that seems to be transitioning in a big way.

    Keep em’ coming


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