New Format

I’ve been pondering this blog over the past couple of weeks, and clearly have not written much.  The issue is that my time is very limited.  I wake up daily as my wife leaves for work, putting me in charge of our small children. Then, at 11:30 I leave for The Wine Bar and work until 10-11:00. When I get home I like to spend some time with Jennifer and relax a bit before bed.  This all leaves little time for writing something considerable about a topic that has been rolling around in my feeble chef mind.

One thought was to just discontinue the blog, and mark the experience down as a good try.  Nope, that’s a cop-out. So, what I’ve come up with is a bit of a new format, something easier to handle, but hopefully as interesting. It’s kind of extension of the snippets sort of thing, but more substantial. Now what you’ll get is a series of longer bits, but just as random as before. I’m hoping this way I can deliver a few posts a week without having to write something that takes too much time at one sitting.  I generally like to finish a topic before the end of the night, so I’ve been up until 1:00 finishing a piece. I type very slowly, and make a bunch of mistakes that need correcting, therefore it takes me a long time to write 500 words or so. As I get better, I’ll get more efficient and be able to lengthen out my writing. Also, I’m going to start using my phone to dictate during the day, then edit when I get home. I’ll see if that works to make me more productive. My goal ultimately is to write about 750 words daily, which is a struggle right now.

If any experienced writers have any input that would help me become more efficient I’d appreciate it. For tonight though, that’s it.  Tomorrow night I’ll write about the development and execution of a personal tasting menu for some Global Foundries folks coming in tomorrow evening.


2 thoughts on “New Format

  1. Thank you very much for the great input. If I had to choose, I’d pick emotional over technically correct. I’m still finding my way in this new venture, and am still unsure of my style. You have helped me more than you might think.


  2. I’ll give you a little insight into my process, if you think it will help.

    Writing time has become my relaxing and unwinding time. A long time ago that used to be reserved for video games. Now I barely play. But I’m okay with that. The writing provides me with plenty of amusement.

    I break the task into two pieces. The night before I do the bulk of the writing, and I don’t worry or not if its technically perfect. My wife graciously has agreed to read over my posts in the morning, and checks it for tone and grammar, highlighting what she thinks may be problematic (if anything). Then I go back through it with fresh eyes, also with an eye towards tone and grammar before uploading the story to the blog. Sometimes I’ll find I left something out. Other times I realize I’ve gone off too far on a tangent.

    Also I keep an ongoing list of topics to write about. It’s a long long list, so I’m never without a nightly topic.

    The daily blog is a beast, to be sure. But the Internet is a daily medium. It helps to keep a reliable schedule. To that end, I’d rather post something crappy one day than not post anything at all. And you never know how posts are going to be received. I’ve gotten phenomenal responses from posts I felt were sub-standard while some of the better researched and finely tuned stories barely registered a blip. The Internet is capricious.

    Write. Post. Repeat. It’s a good formula. But not nearly as easy as it may seem.


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