Random Thoughts

I was going to use some variation of snippets but I just don’t want that to become some sort of ongoing  thing, I don’t like ongoing things.

We seem to go through 3X as many of our hand-made crackers on slow nights than we do on busy nights.

People with low standards are often easier to work with, if you also have low standards

Sending an order to the kitchen, then going into the kitchen to tell them that your table ordered food is a sure way to be ridiculed.

I know I can be condescending.  You know what that means, right?

Standards are good.

The winter menu is almost done, and will feature our friend, the duck Included on the menu is duck al’orange, Parisian gnocchi with ragout of duck confit and porcini mushrooms, and charcuterie plate of duck rillets, duck prosciutto, and duck pâté.

I prefer to work with demanding people.

I’m going to run a fennel sausage and rapini pizza on the winter menu.

Yes, we’ll make our sausage using Berkshire pork.

I’m also going to do cream of mushroom soup with cauliflower crema.

I’ve been obsessed with watching promotional videos for Michelin starred restaurants around the US on YouTube.

I have a surprise for everyone.

I’d like to start a mentoring program.

Yes, I am drinking bourbon as I write.

I have a lot to teach young cooks.

I’m not a particularly good teacher on a daily basis, unless you pay close attention, and ask questions.

I need to start a tasting menu program.

My wife tried to fool me by saying we needed to go to Walmart today.

I don’t go to the Walmarts.

I’m gonna be stepping it up, who’s with me?

I’ve decided to debut our winter menu on New Year’s Eve.  Come celebrate with us.




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