Memory Lane

I was recently asked to contribute a Christmas dessert recipe for an article Cheryl Clark is doing for a local magazine that includes a dish from her husband, Paul Parker of the Rare Earth Wine Bar, formerly of the legendary Chez Sophie. I decided on a fig and mascarpone tart that had to be made for a photo shoot this past Tuesday at Rare Earth in Glens Falls.

Delivery of said tart provided me and Jenny a chance to take a trip up there Monday evening for a dinner date.

Since Jenn and I both worked for Paul and Cheryl at the old Chez Sophie in the stainless steel diner in Malta (and later at the Hilton in Saratoga) we were longing for a trip down memory lane, the country pâté that was a staple at the old diner.

There it was on the menu, and delivered as we remembered, with Rock Hill bread, cornichons, and Dijon mustard.

It’s said that all good thing come to an end, but as we discovered, they sometimes come back. Yes, pâté was available at the version of Chez Sophie located in the Hilton, but the scope of the operation was not conducive to maintaining the standards of the old spot. Well, those standards concerning this old favorite of ours have been revived in a new spot and I urge you to take a trip for an order of country pâté, a glass of wine, and more as your appetite will allow.